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15-Year-Old Online Notary Resource Business: Products and Services for Notaries Public

This 15-year-old eLearning and eCommerce business provides products and services to notaries public. They offer online courses, live seminars, notary supplies, and more. With a 201% earnings growth rate and a 30% year-over-year growth rate, this business has experienced rapid success. They are Secretary of State approved and focus on providing everything someone needs to become a certified notary or renew their notary commission in California.


The company operates through a mixed service and retail model, with a small in-house storage space for shipping products. Most of their operations revolve around eLearning and live seminars, with minimal infrastructure on the eCommerce supply side. There is potential for growth by expanding product offerings and selling through platforms like Amazon.

The company leverages a small in-house storage space to handle the moderate amount of products they ship each week. As the business focuses mainly on eLearning and live seminars, there is minimal infrastructure needed for eCommerce supply logistics. However, there is an opportunity for growth by expanding product offerings and selling on platforms like Amazon.


The company has achieved its rapid growth through organic Google searches, Google AdWords campaigns, advertising on the Secretary of State website, and a strategic partnership with Datashere. Additional growth opportunities include SEO tactics, blog improvement, and social media engagement on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Currently, the company sells only through their own website. They have the potential for rapid growth by expanding their sales channels, such as selling through Additionally, they could expand their services to more states, further increasing their customer base.

Key metrics for this business include the earnings growth rate of 201%, the year-over-year growth rate of 30%, and the approval from the California Secretary of State. These metrics demonstrate the company’s success and potential for continued growth.

The customer base for this business includes individuals who want to become certified notaries or renew their notary commission in California. They may also include individuals looking for live seminars, notary supplies, and other related services. The business has Secretary of State approval and a solid industry reputation, attracting customers within the niche market of notaries public.


The current ownership spends an average of 10-20 hours per week running and scaling the company. On live seminar days, they may work 12-15 hours per day. Responsibilities include seminar instruction, order fulfillment, website maintenance, event planning, and customer service. Additional employees may be necessary to support growth.


The eLearning and eCommerce industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Online learning platforms have become increasingly popular, and eCommerce has revolutionized the way products are bought and sold. This business taps into both markets, providing online courses and notary supplies. Examples of other eLearning and eCommerce businesses include Udemy and Amazon.


There are multiple scale opportunities for this business. They can improve their marketing efforts through SEO tactics, blog improvement, and social media engagement. They can expand their sales channels by selling on platforms like Amazon. They can also expand their services to more states, tapping into new markets. Other scale opportunities may include partnerships with other eLearning platforms and strategic acquisitions.

Asking Price: $259,000
Gross Income: $170,088
Cash Flow: $94,004
Year Established: 2005
Employees: 2

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