Private Blog Network cloud hosting

20-Year Cloud Hosting Company: 88% Net Margins, 6% Annual Churn, 2-Year Contracts, 8 Service Offerings

Website Closers presents an industry-leading business in the Private Blog Network (PBN) niche, with over 20 years of building, maintaining, and managing massive networks. Impressive rankings match its efforts, demonstrating the effectiveness of the custom-built platform.


The company helps SEO agencies securely and discreetly host a private blog network. By ensuring the domains in a link network cannot be connected, one can effectively link to a money site and obtain better search engine rankings.

The platform has a reinforced firewall optimized for WordPress, fully automated virus detection, and site backups to safeguard client data. The hosting is rapid and experiences almost no downtime. Moreover, the platform isolates each customer’s site sets by transferring all client sites inside docker containers.


Domain sales and backlink sales are two prominent services offered. The website includes a real-time database from a reputable provider, and the business gets a sizable fee for each sale. Backlink sales are also entirely organic and result from Google rankings, referrals, and cross-selling to existing clients.

With marketing efforts, the domain sales channel has the potential to become a significant income stream. Additionally, advertising and promoting backlink sales could boost the company’s top and bottom lines.

Key metrics for the company include 88% net margins, 6% annual churn rate, 2-year contracts with clients, and 8 service offerings.

The company’s customers primarily include SEO agencies, B2B clients, and individuals building affiliate networks. These customers have multiple websites and rely on the platform to securely host their private blog networks.


The company has a proficient team in place trained by the owner to produce high-quality content and manage the platform efficiently.


The company operates in the cloud hosting industry and specifically in the Private Blog Network (PBN) niche. Private blog networks are used by SEO agencies and individuals to improve search engine rankings and generate organic traffic. Examples of other companies in the industry include PBN hosting providers, SEO agencies, and domain sales platforms.


There are opportunities to scale the company by implementing aggressive advertising, price increases, affiliate marketing, focused email campaigns, and social media strategies. Expanding support for various languages could also attract a new user base and boost revenue.

Asking Price: $1,400,000
Gross Income: $475,722
Cash Flow: $442,418
Year Established: 2001
Employees: 1

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