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Achieving Growth in the Call Tracing Industry: Serving 2.5 Million Visitors and 30-40k New Customers Every Month

Website Closers is an industry leader in the person search industry, offering reverse phone number lookups to provide users with detailed background reports about any person behind a phone call. With a suite of newly developed products, the company has 5x growth potential. They currently receive 30 million visitors per year.


The company’s operations focus on providing reverse phone number lookups and other related services to help clients identify and learn more about unknown callers. They have a growing customer base, with an average customer contract of $35.

There is no specific information provided about supply and logistics.


The company currently relies on PPC ads run on Google for marketing. There is an opportunity for growth by expanding advertising channels to include SEO practices, social media campaigns, retargeting, and email marketing initiatives.

The company’s primary sales channel is their website, where users can purchase their services. There is potential for growth through improved marketing tactics and brand awareness, as well as through the launch of newly developed services.

The company has a net margin of 20%. They have a growing email database of 700,000+ subscribers and average more than 2.5 million visitors each month. The recently developed services have not been fully marketed yet, providing an opportunity for increased profits.

The company has a growing customer base with a growing email database of 700,000+ subscribers. Customers use the service to learn more about unknown callers, verify identities, and gather important information about individuals and businesses.


The current owner works only 30 minutes a day and has customer service and ticket management handled by a staff of seven plus a management supervisor.


The person search industry is growing rapidly as people increasingly screen calls and look for ways to identify unknown callers. This industry is relevant in fighting cybercrimes related to cell phone and text message spamming. The company’s services help users track personal information, verify identities, and gather important information about individuals and businesses. Examples of similar businesses in the industry include Spokeo and Whitepages.


The company has opportunities to scale through increased ad spend and the launch of newly developed services, such as background check reports, person search, person reports, reverse email reports, and reverse address reports.

Asking Price: $18,000,000
Gross Income: $18,052,934
Cash Flow: $3,576,128
Year Established: 2018
Employees: 8

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