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American-Made Bath & Body Ecommerce Brand: 250 Branded SKUs, Multi-Channel DTC & B2B Sales

Bath & Body Products eCommerce Brand is a thriving eCommerce business that markets natural Organic Bath, Body and Personal Wellness products. They offer a wide range of products including Essential Oils, Butters, Waxes, Lotions, and more. The company has a massive customer base and sells 250+ branded SKUs. They operate via multi-channel direct-to-consumer (DTC) and business-to-business (B2B) sales. All products are made in the USA.


The company has been operating for over a decade and has continuously expanded its product offering based on customer demands. They source their products mainly from the USA, with some oils purchased from Asia. The company stocks 100% of its SKUs and maintains a large inventory. They ship around 100 products a day from their storefront.

The company sources its products mainly from the USA, with some oils purchased from Asia. They maintain a large inventory of $50,000+ worth of products to fulfill orders.


The company employs various marketing strategies including email marketing, SEO with a blog, PPC ads on Google and Amazon, and a rewards program. They also send out glossy coupons with each purchase to encourage repeat customers.

The company operates through multiple sales channels, with the majority of sales coming from Etsy, Amazon, and their own website. There are opportunities for international expansion on Amazon’s platforms in Canada, the European Union, and Australia. Additionally, listing all 250+ products on Amazon and eBay could lead to significant sales growth.

The company offers products at a wide range of prices, from $1.99 to $1,500. The average order value for handmade products is $50, while for supplies and ingredients it is around $650. They have a diverse customer base, with DTC sales appealing mainly to women in the US who spend $75- $100 per purchase, and B2B sales coming from small companies that spend $1,500 per month.

The company has a diverse customer base divided into two categories: DTC sales appeal mainly to women in the US, while B2B sales come from small companies. The company has built a strong reputation and has a high number of loyal repeat customers.


The company operates with a part-time employee who handles shipping and inventory management. The business requires approximately 10-30 hours of work per week, including product manufacturing, order fulfillment, accounting, and customer relations.


The bath and body products industry is experiencing significant growth, with a shift towards organic and cruelty-free products. The company’s focus on natural and organic products has positioned them well in this growing market. The global value for bath and shower products is projected to reach $48 billion by 2022. Examples of other companies in this industry include Lush, The Body Shop, and Bath & Body Works.


The company has significant scale opportunities, including expanding international sales, listing more products on Amazon and eBay, and targeting bulk buyers. They could also consider introducing new product lines or collaborating with other brands to further expand their market presence.

Asking Price: $1,150,000
Gross Income: $787,886
Cash Flow: $271,733
Year Established: 2011
Employees: 2

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