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Award-Winning Kids Toys & Travel Brand with 6 Years of Success and Strong Social Following

We are an award-winning eCommerce company specializing in kids toys and travel products and accessories. Our products are designed to keep children engaged and entertained during long travels, weddings, and other special occasions. With a strong focus on quality and innovation, our brand has quickly gained the trust and loyalty of parents who are looking for fun and educational toys for their children.


Our operations involve designing and manufacturing entertainment packs for traveling kids. We have different variations of packs for car and plane rides, as well as packs for home use. We source our inventory from eight main suppliers in the UK and ship them from our 3PL. With a minimal workload for the owner, our business is highly efficient and profitable.

We source our inventory from eight main suppliers in the UK and ship them from our 3PL. Our logistics system ensures efficient and timely delivery of products to our customers. With 50 shipments being made daily, we have established a smooth supply chain and logistics process.


We have a strong social media presence with over 100,000 engaged followers, and our social media marketing campaigns have been effective in driving traffic to our website. We also have a popular blog that addresses family travel issues and provides tips and advice to interested parents. Our email marketing and PPC ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram have helped attract new customers.

Our primary sales channel is our Shopify store, but there are significant growth opportunities by expanding our listings onto platforms like Amazon and Walmart. This would dramatically expand our customer base and increase our sales. Additionally, collaborations with travel agencies, hotels, resorts, and restaurant groups can further promote our travel packs and boost our sales.

Our key metrics include a 28% repeat purchase rate, indicating high customer satisfaction and loyalty. We also have a $65 average order value (AOV), which contributes to our 42% net margins. Additionally, our gross income stands at $952,121, and we have been in business for 6 years.

Our customer base includes parents, grandparents, and other relatives such as aunts and uncles. We also attract customers through B2B contracts and have solid relationships with several large corporations. Our diverse customer base and loyal repeat customers contribute to our consistent sales and revenue growth.


Our company has a team of 2 employees. We also work with one experienced virtual assistant who handles various tasks. The current owner spends no more than 8 hours per week operating the business, and the owner’s tasks could easily be outsourced to a second virtual assistant.


The toys and travel industry is a thriving and evergreen market. Parents are constantly looking for innovative and engaging toys to keep their children entertained during travels and special occasions. Our brand has gained a strong reputation in this industry, addressing the challenges and needs of traveling families. The global toys market is projected to grow to $230.64 billion by 2028, and our business is well-positioned to capitalize on this growth.


Our business has major scale opportunities. With a strong market demand for kids’ toys and travel accessories, we can expand our B2B sales by launching collaborations with travel agencies and expanding our product offerings. We can also explore international markets and target a wider customer base. Furthermore, expanding our online presence through platforms like Amazon and Walmart will significantly increase our reach and sales.

Asking Price: $1,300,000
Gross Income: $952,121
Cash Flow: $407,813
Year Established: 2017
Employees: 2

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