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Booming Dietary Supplements E-Commerce Brand: 600 Subscribers, 19% Repeat Order Rate, 150,000 Monthly Visitors, $140 AOV, Direct Response Marketing Model

This Dietary Supplements eCommerce Brand is an established and reputable company in the health and wellness market. With a loyal customer base and a focus on personalized service, the brand offers high-quality and effective products, including their best-selling item, Hemp Oil. The company maintains strong relationships with customers and continuously updates products and services to remain a leader in the industry.


The company operates with a 100% DropShipping model, allowing for efficient logistics and reduced operational costs. With a partner supplier in Asia, the brand ensures the highest quality products that meet EU and FDA regulations. All items are labeled with the brand name and packaging before shipping directly to customers.

The brand has a reliable partner supplier in Asia who manufactures the products. The partner is experienced in R&D and holds certifications for quality and social responsibility. The company operates with a dropshipping model, eliminating the need for physical inventory and allowing for quick expansion and adaptation to market changes.


The primary source of customer acquisition is through direct response marketing on platforms such as Facebook, Google, and YouTube. The brand utilizes persuasive videos and upsell/downsell funnels to increase conversion rates. With a target audience of individuals aged 35 or older, the company caters to those seeking natural health solutions without side effects.

The business primarily acquires customers through direct response marketing on platforms like Facebook, Google, and YouTube. Growth opportunities lie in expanding advertising efforts, targeting new demographics, and exploring partnerships with influencers and health-related websites. By increasing visibility and reach, the business can attract new customers and drive sales.

Key metrics for this business include 600 subscribers, a 19% repeat order rate, 150,000 monthly visitors to the website, and an average order value (AOV) of $140. These metrics demonstrate the brand’s strong customer base and consistent traffic.

The customer base for this business consists of individuals aged 35 or older who desire better quality of life through natural health solutions. The majority of customers are based in the US and Spanish-speaking, with a smaller portion in Mexico. The business has tailored its website to cater to the Latin American community in the US as well as English-speaking Americans.


The company has two owners who handle different aspects of the business. One focuses on management, marketing, and growth strategies, while the other is responsible for technology, customer relationships, and process improvements. Additionally, three full-time employees handle technology, media buying, and customer support.


The dietary supplements industry is a thriving market with a constant demand for health products. This business caters to individuals looking for natural health solutions without side effects. Examples of dietary supplements include vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies, and probiotics. The industry is driven by increasing consumer awareness of health and wellness, and the growing popularity of natural and organic products.


This business has significant scale opportunities for growth, particularly for a US buyer in the health and wellness niche. With a loyal customer base, strong marketing strategies, and a reliable supply chain, the business can expand product lines, enter new markets, and leverage partnerships. These scale opportunities can lead to increased revenue and profitability.

Asking Price: $899,000
Gross Income: $1,200,000
Cash Flow: $392,631
Year Established: 2022
Employees: 3

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