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Branded Amazon Ecommerce Kitchen Goods Business for Sale

This is an established and branded Amazon eCommerce retail store that specializes in kitchen goods. They operate on Amazon FBA model with low overheads which is manageable by a single proprietor. They have maximized their expenses with a small number of high sales products. As a result, their margins have increased considerably. They cater to the US market, but the company can expand into international markets as well. They stand to increase their profit margin by scaling up to new SKUs. This company is a perfect acquisition for those looking to venture into the Amazon market.


As an Amazon FBA retailer, the company manages its operations with low overheads. The online marketplace has provided a platform where the company can sell its products to the US market and subsequently expand into international markets.

The business has secured locked in supply arrangements with direct manufacturers with net terms to determine their sales. The company carries a select number of items.


The company’s marketing strategy includes keyword management and product placement on the Amazon platform. They have maximized their margins with a small SKU assortment and focused on attention to detail. The storefront has received fantastic rankings for their products.

The company has generated consistent revenue growth by selling through Amazon FBA model. With the increasing number of consumers with an affinity for home cooking, the potential for growth is immense. Moreover, the company has an opportunity to launch additional SKUs in the kitchen segment that will be home-run opportunities and realize year-on-year growth.

The company has had consistent growth with a net profit of $40,025, which is generated from a gross income of $92,985. The asking price for the business is $110,000. The number of employees working for the company is one.

The product line caters to individuals who enjoy cooking at home and are in need of kitchen goods. They sell to the US domestic market primarily through Amazon.


Since the company is operated by a single proprietor, the Human Resources aspect does not apply.


The company operates within the kitchen goods retail segment that has grown tremendously in recent years. The significance of the kitchen goods market has increased considerably, with companies like Walmart, Amazon, and Target introducing this category to their product line. Consumer trends have shown an increased affinity for cooking at home, which has led to a larger target audience for the firm.


The company is set and ready for scale, making it perfect for those who are entering the Amazon marketplace for the first time and do not want to start from scratch. It has a solid foundation established, making it a strategic acquisition opportunity. The firm could realize growth with expansion into international markets and additional diversified online storefronts to supplement and boost its current Amazon storefront.

Asking Price: $110,000
Gross Income: $92,985
Cash Flow: $40,025
Year Established: 2015
Employees: 1

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