Apple Watch cases, and selfie sticks

Branded Mobile Watch and Technology Accessories Ecommerce Company

The company is a branded consumer products company that sells technology accessory products, including cell phone cases, Apple Watch cases, and selfie sticks, under its proprietary brand name. It operates primarily in the consumer electronics accessories market and mainly sells its products on


This eCommerce company is entirely operated from an FBA model and requires minimal overhead in terms of advertising and inventory. It’s profitable and successfully differentiates itself from the competition by offering product lines that are unique in the market.

As the company operates via an FBA model, it doesn’t require any warehousing. The company usually maintains about $8,000 of inventory stocked by Amazon, ready to ship.


The company heavily markets through its fully-branded 5-star Amazon Seller Central Account.

The company can expand its operations by including new sales channels like brick and mortar stores and its website.

The company enjoys a gross income of $262,501 with an operating cash flow of almost $50,000 and four employees.

This eCommerce company caters to a wide range of customers, including cell phone users, tech enthusiasts and gadget lovers.


The company has four employees involved in managing the customer service communications and seasonal traffic spikes, such as the holiday season.


The company operates in the consumer electronics accessories market, which is a growing market. As smartphones and tablets become ubiquitous, the demand for electronic accessories has become evergreen.


The company may expand its product line by including new technology accessory products or diversifying into other electronic-related products and operations.

Asking Price: $95,000
Gross Income: $262,501
Cash Flow: $35,000
Year Established: 2014
Employees: 4

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