happy dog owner holding a bark collar

Branded Pet Products Business on Amazon – A Turnkey Ecommerce Opportunity

This is a fully branded Amazon business in the dog training supplies segment, offering bark collars and call training related items. It is sold 100% FBA with minimal time and overhead required. The company has a 5-star, 100% positive lifetime feedback Amazon brand and has a highly streamlined SKU lineup and a minimal cost operational platform.


This business enjoys little seasonal fluctuation with consistent demand and requires very little need for customer service labor. It is a consistent and reliable revenue stream that is a perfect standalone fire & forget opportunity for any owner in the retail space.

No supply and logistics description provided.


The company has strong brand recognition on Amazon with perfect reviews. Since inception, it has grown almost entirely on organic traffic, with minimal ad spend on Amazon advertising.

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This business has a gross income of $197,000, cash flow of $35,000, and was established in 2014. It has one employee and a selling price of $75,000.

The company’s customer base is made up of dog owners and dog lovers who are looking for training supplies and care products for their pets.


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The pet industry is growing and is currently valued at $62.7 billion in the U.S. It is composed of different sectors including pet food, pet healthcare, pet accessories, pet grooming and boarding, pet technology, and pet services. The dog segment is the biggest within the pet industry with annual sales of $24.6 billion in 2020.


The company presents many opportunities for scaling such as wholesale and brick-and-mortar retail, international expansion. The business has such a clean and turn-key foundation that the opportunities to scale is endless.

Asking Price: $75,000
Gross Income: $197,000
Cash Flow: $35,000
Year Established: 2014
Employees: 1

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