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Branded Pet Products Ecommerce Retailer: Selling on,, and Branded Websites

This branded pet products eCommerce retailer is a red-hot and fast-growing company in the pet and accessories segment. With multiple Amazon’s Choice SKUs and strong five-star feedback, this business has established a reputation for top quality in its niche. It operates through various sales channels, including,, and its own branded website. The business has experienced over 200% year-over-year growth in 2018 and is perfectly positioned for new ownership to continue its profitable growth.


The business operates primarily through an easy-to-run eCommerce and Amazon FBA platform, which allows for low overhead and flexibility in operations. It has a valuable trademarked brand and proprietary product manufacturing. The products are manufactured exclusively for the business and cater to the dog owner’s vertical, with some reach in other major pet verticals as well. The business utilizes FBA for supply and logistics, ensuring efficient and cost-effective operations.

Supply and logistics for this business are primarily managed through Amazon’s FBA platform. This allows for efficient warehousing, inventory management, and order fulfillment. By utilizing FBA, the business is able to minimize overhead costs and focus on scaling operations. The business also has relationships with suppliers for product manufacturing, ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality products for its customers.


With multiple Amazon’s Choice SKUs and solid five-star feedback, this business has built a strong reputation in the pet products market. It utilizes various marketing channels, including Amazon,, eBay, and its own direct-to-consumer website, to reach its target audience. The brand has wisely entered the natural and organic pet products space, capitalizing on trends in the segment. Overall, the marketing strategy focuses on delivering high-quality products and building brand loyalty.

The sales channels for this business include,, eBay, and its own branded website. These channels provide a wide reach to target customers and allow for diversification of sales sources. The business has experienced significant growth in sales through these channels, particularly on, where it has multiple Amazon’s Choice SKUs. As the business continues to scale and expand its product line, there is potential for further growth in sales and market share.

The key metrics for this business include sales revenue, gross profit margin, customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value, and return on ad spend. These metrics are used to measure the performance and success of the business’s marketing and sales efforts. They provide insights into the effectiveness of the brand’s marketing campaigns and the overall profitability of the business.

The customer base for this business consists of pet owners, specifically those who prioritize high-quality and natural pet products for their pets. The brand’s reputation for top quality and positive customer feedback attracts customers who are willing to pay a premium for premium products. The business has a diverse customer base, including dog owners as the primary target audience but also reaching other major pet verticals. By offering a range of products catered to different segments of the pet market, the business appeals to a wide range of customers.


The business currently has 1 employee, but may require additional staff as it continues to grow. The employee is responsible for managing day-to-day operations, including customer service, inventory management, and marketing. As the business scales, new hires may be needed to support increased demand and expansion into new markets.


The pet products industry is a rapidly growing market, driven by the increasing number of pet owners and the rising demand for high-quality products. In recent years, pet owners have become more conscious about the health and well-being of their pets, leading to a surge in demand for natural and organic pet products. The industry includes various segments, such as pet food, accessories, grooming products, and healthcare. Examples of successful companies in this industry include,, and other branded pet products retailers.


This business presents various scale opportunities for new ownership. These include international expansion, brick and mortar retail partnerships, and enhancement of the Amazon Subscribe & Save program. The brand’s recognized trade name and reputation open doors for international growth, while partnering with brick and mortar retailers can increase product visibility and reach new customer segments. Additionally, participating in the Amazon Subscribe & Save program can drive recurring sales and customer loyalty. Overall, the business has laid a solid foundation for future growth and offers numerous avenues for expansion.

Asking Price: $2,150,000
Gross Income: $1,547,334
Cash Flow: $406,064
Year Established: 2016
Employees: 1

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