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CBD Product Retailers Website with 180% Year-Over-Year Growth and Highly Organic Traffic Flow

The CBD Product Retailer Sponsorship Portal is an online content platform that offers paid brand placement. The website educates its audience on CBD-based product selection criteria and news topics, pointing the reader towards specific, qualified brands. Revenue comes from CBD retail brands buying space on the portal’s content, from reviews, blogs, podcasts, and social media.


With zero overhead costs and no liability, this business is highly scalable, seeing 180% YoY growth. This platform receives over 2,500 visitors daily and reaches over 88,000 monthly site viewers, predominantly from organic marketing. The company has a subscriber list of over 12,000, and seasonal fluctuations do not affect performance. The business requires neither products, a warehouse, nor storage and can be managed with just 10 hours per week.Low risk, straightforward customer targeting options, at various spending levels lead to effective advertiser revenue.

This platform requires no products, warehouse, or storage facilities and translates into a more straightforward supplier base model.


The portal does not currently undertake significant SEO, social media, or paid advertising. Increasing the monthly investment in the nominal paid online advertising will enable the business to expand its target market for improved ROI.

The CBD Product Retailer Sponsorship Portal will increase its audience via cross-platform social media channels and increased SEO, improving its already considerable organic traffic. With current trends looking positive, there is a vast scale potential in the future.

Key metrics of the CBD Product Retailer Sponsorship Portal include 180% YoY growth, $241,211 gross income, and $206,167 cash flow. Averaging a $75 customer ticket value, the platform generates revenue from CBD retail brands buying a-la-carte sponsorship packages and placement on the website. The business has more than 21,000 YouTube subscribers and will benefit from establishing itself on additional social media channels for maximum monetization potential.

The CBD Product Retailer Sponsorship Portal’s customer base comprises a mix of university students, millennials, and Gen Y/Z. Retailers that offer pure/organic CBD products are the primary target market.


The current owner is willing to train new ownership and remain as the brand personality for marketing purposes.


The portal is in the CBD product retailer sponsorship industry. The CBD industry has experienced an increasing demand for a pure/organic product for individuals seeking alternatives to pharmaceutical options, leading to legal growth opportunities in North America and Europe. The increasing mainstream visibility of the industry shows it is open to considerable growth.


The CBD Product Retailer Sponsorship Portal offers new ownership the opportunity to undertake commercial campaign rollouts to cover inventory and third-party advertising costs. This business model can be replicated across other niches and industries.

Asking Price: $300,000
Gross Income: $241,211
Cash Flow: $206,167
Year Established: 2016
Employees: 1

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