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Custom Apparel and Jewelry Manufacturer with Spiritual and Yoga Themes: An Etsy Superstar with a Thriving Social Media Presence

This Custom Apparel & Jewelry Manufacturer is an Etsy Superstar with a strong Social Media following. They specialize in designing products with natural, spiritual, and yoga based themes. With over 6 years in business, they offer 50 unique clothing and jewelry SKU’s on Etsy, their branded website, and social media platforms. They also have the potential for growth on


The business operates as a hybrid model, with clothing being print-on-demand and jewelry stocked. The owners average 10-20 hours per week, managing the Etsy store, posting on Instagram, managing Shopify, and handling customer service inquiries. Orders are shipped directly from the owners to the customers.

The business manages the supply and logistics of its products. Clothing items are printed on-demand, while jewelry items are stocked and shipped directly by the owners. They have established processes and relationships with suppliers to ensure timely delivery and customer satisfaction.


Marketing efforts have focused on email marketing, social media marketing, and some chatbot marketing. The business has achieved success without paid advertising, leaving potential for growth through paid ads, influencers, and affiliates. The business is part of the top 1% of sellers on Etsy.

The business primarily sells its products through Etsy, its branded website, and social media platforms. There is potential for growth by expanding to additional online marketplaces, such as Amazon. Improving social media presence and investing in paid ads on platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram can also drive sales growth.

Key metrics for this business include revenue, profit margin, customer acquisition cost, customer retention rate, and conversion rate. These metrics indicate the financial performance and efficiency of the business.

The business has built a customer base through its presence on Etsy, social media, and its branded website. Customers are attracted to the unique and personalized products offered by the business. The target customers include individuals interested in natural, spiritual, and yoga-based themes, as well as those looking for unique gifts and accessories.


As an owner-operated business, the human resources aspect is minimal. The owners handle all the operations, marketing, and customer service responsibilities. No employees are currently employed.


The Custom Apparel & Jewelry industry is a competitive vertical with a focus on unique and personalized products. This business stands out with its natural, spiritual, and yoga-based themes, offering customers a niche and distinctive shopping experience. Examples of other businesses in this industry include handmade jewelry makers, custom t-shirt printers, and personalized gift shops.


This business has scale opportunities through expanding its product offerings, increasing marketing efforts, and growing its presence on Amazon. By adding new designs, expanding into related product categories, and leveraging influencer partnerships, the business can attract a larger customer base. Additionally, investing in targeted advertising and optimizing the website for conversions can drive sales growth.

Asking Price: $155,000
Gross Income: $124,000
Cash Flow: $51,000
Year Established: 2014
Employees: 1

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