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Eco-Friendly Arts & Crafts Ecommerce Retailer for Sale

This business is a Niche Branded eCommerce Retailer in the Arts & Crafts space, catering specifically to artists looking for organic, eco-friendly materials – colloquially termed “fiber artists”, these customers are looking for unique materials to fuel their creativity, and this retailer meets that need with responsibly-sourced fiber and Macramé cord products to suit any potential application in the space. The brand is driven by multiple storefronts – Amazon, Etsy, and its own DTC website, all concurrently synergizing to produce excellent search ranking due to co-citation of branded content everywhere data is scraped. Currently enjoying YOY growth, this robust business has a sterling 42% repeat customer rate and $72.75 average ticket, all with no paid SEO or advertising done to date.


Built atop almost entirely organic traffic, this business’s social media promotes the brand directly with most customers aggressively promoting the brand all on their own with no affiliate campaigns or programs in place – this is powered very much by word of mouth. Social media metrics are impressive for the brand – 786.2k monthly views on Pinterest, over 4,972 Instagram followers, 3,730 YouTube subscribers, and over 7,000 viewers on Etsy.

The supply and logistics of this business involve responsibly sourcing fiber and Macramé cord products to cater to the needs of fiber artists. Currently, the business operates as a Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) seller on Amazon, but there is an opportunity to transition to Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) for faster delivery.


Currently a FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) seller on Amazon, this brand’s excellent review history on Amazon makes it a perfect FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) opportunity to boost velocity and customer engagement on Amazon – moving to FBA would allow for Prime 1 or 2 Day Delivery. Built to be scalable from day one, this well oiled brand is in a great position to scale in terms of overall market share, big box store shelves and reach international markets with Amazon’s help, and further capitalize on a brand name with total credit in a space driven almost entirely by social influencers and simple word of mouth.

The sales channels for this business include Amazon, Etsy, and its own DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) website. The business has been experiencing year-over-year growth and has the potential to further expand its market share, reach international markets, and potentially secure big box store shelves. With the help of Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program, the business can improve customer engagement and offer faster delivery through Prime.

The key metrics for this business include a 42% repeat customer rate, an average ticket of $72.75, 786.2k monthly views on Pinterest, over 4,972 Instagram followers, 3,730 YouTube subscribers, and over 7,000 viewers on Etsy.

The customer base for this business consists of fiber artists who are looking for organic, eco-friendly materials for their creative projects. These customers value unique and responsibly-sourced materials to fuel their creativity. The business has a strong 42% repeat customer rate, indicating customer loyalty and satisfaction.


The business currently has 1 employee.


The industry for this business is the Arts & Crafts sector, specifically catering to fiber artists. Fiber artists are individuals who create art using various organic materials, and this business provides responsibly-sourced fiber and Macramé cord products to meet their needs. The industry is driven by social influencers and word of mouth. Examples of other companies in this industry include online retailers selling eco-friendly art supplies, craft stores targeting organic materials, and platforms for artists to share and sell their creations.


There are several scale opportunities for this business. Firstly, it has the potential to increase its market share within the Arts & Crafts industry by reaching more fiber artists through targeted marketing campaigns. Additionally, the business can explore expansion into international markets with the help of Amazon’s global reach. Lastly, there is an opportunity to secure partnerships with big box stores to increase visibility and accessibility of the products. Examples of scale opportunities include expanding the product line to include more organic art supplies, collaborating with influential artists for brand partnerships, and investing in paid advertising to reach a wider audience.

Asking Price: $380,000
Gross Income: $232,625
Cash Flow: $112,479
Year Established: 2016
Employees: 1

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