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Ecommerce Retailer of Baby Goods and Accessories Brand

This is a trademarked Baby Goods Consumer Products Brand that specializes in stroller-related accessories. It has a hybrid FBA and DTC fulfillment model and enjoys a steady stream of repeat buyers thanks to an organically ranked online DTC storefront. With above-average ticket prices and low workload, this business model is highly profitable with consistent YOY growth. It has 15,700 opt-in records in its database with a diverse product line and potential for scalability.


This hands-off drop-ship retailer ships its products either directly to the customer or from FBA. It requires a very minimal workload from the ownership, making it a relocatable business that can be operated from anywhere.

This is a hands-off drop-ship retailer, with a majority of products shipping directly to the customer from either FBA or suppliers, making it a fully relocatable business, operable from almost anywhere in the world.


This business has very minimal social media presence, blog content, and zero paid advertising. It has over 15,700 opt-in records in its own database and is yet to tap into any direct email marketing. There is room for a significant outbound marketing campaign to boost the business.

This business currently sells primarily on the Amazon.com platform, and its diversified product line caters to the growing demands for baby goods and accessories. There is potential for growth through direct contact with customers through email marketing campaigns.

The business has a strong brand name and holds an Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 on its Amazon storefront, allowing only the owner to sell the product line on Amazon without permission from the owner. This business model is highly profitable and requires low workload of just 15 hours per week.

This business caters to parents, caregivers, and anyone looking to purchase baby goods and accessories. The customer base is growing, and there is a lot of potential to reach a wider audience through outbound email marketing campaigns.


This business only has one employee since it is primarily a hands-off drop-ship retailer.


This business is a consumer products brand specialized in baby goods and accessories, catering to the growing demands for stroller-related accessories, add-ons, and cross-sells. With trademarked products in the US and China and an Amazon 2.0 registry, this business is highly protected against any anticompetitive behavior. The baby goods and accessories consumer products industry is evergreen and sees consistent growth, making this a home run opportunity in every sense of the word.


There is a lot of potential for scale in this business. With over 15,700 opt-in records in its own database and growing demand for its niche of baby goods and accessories, the business can expand its product line even more. The addition of a portable diaper bag SKU and changing pads can nearly double sales, and there is potential to expand to other e-commerce platforms.

Asking Price: $1,779,000
Gross Income: $1,504,453
Cash Flow: $449,443
Year Established: 2015
Employees: 1

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