wood engrave locally made and handcrafted products

Engraved Wooden Consumer Electronics Accessories Retailer: Making a Lasting Impression

This is a trendy and eco-friendly consumer electronics and fashion accessory eCommerce retailer with a fully branded line selling across multiple channels like Amazon and Etsy. The business provides locally made and handcrafted products to the exacting standards of consumers. The product mix is comprehensive, ranging from sunglasses to phone cases to pocket journals. The consumer electronics-centric accessories comprise the bulk of this business, seeing consistent growth and high demand in a socially and trend-driven market.


The company has experienced profitable growth since its inception through organic means, boasting over 50,000 social network followers and a 5-Star Amazon Seller Central storefront utilizing FBA fulfillment for minimum overhead and maximum customer satisfaction across the board. Catering heavily to the millennial-specific consumer demographic, this business offers customizability, organic and 100% natural construction, and fair market, locally-made origins.

The business supplies eco-friendly consumer electronics and fashion accessory eCommerce products, which are handcrafted, locally made, and sustainable to the exacting standards of the consumers.


This business has an excellent market reputation, with over 30% of customers being repeat buyers. The company operates with Amazon FBA fulfillment, low overhead, and employs a constantly trending lineup that appeals to entrepreneurs looking for the right seller.

This business operates on the Amazon FBA fulfillment model, ensuring product reach across the target market and high-volume sales for low overhead. With a constant focus on trending products, the business utilizes strong social media outreach to maximize growth potential.

The business runs on relatively low overhead, has Amazon FBA fulfillment which ensures high-volume sales and reduces maintenance logistics, with products that cater to a trending lineup.

The brand’s target market includes consumers who crave eco-friendly gadgets made from natural and locally sourced raw materials, as well as people who prefer trend-driven designs. Their customers are entitled to minimal overhead and maximum customer satisfaction.


This business has three employees currently.


This ecommerce business operates in the consumer electronics market segment and enjoys steady growth and high demand. By providing high-quality wooden electronic accessories, the brand has captured the millennial market demographic with its eco-friendly focus and product build consistency. Other businesses in the same industry include Etsy and Amazon Handmade.


The company’s growth potential is vast because of its millennial-specific consumer demographic, low overhead costs, Amazon FBA, and expansive product range that includes customization. With an increased marketing strategy, and the possible addition of products, the brand could be brought to even greater heights.

Asking Price: $399,000
Gross Income: $1,400,000
Cash Flow: $220,000
Year Established: 2015
Employees: 3

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