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Established Baby Products Ecommerce Retailer with Over 250 SKUs and 2 Separate Brands

A 10 year old online retail company that sells a variety of baby products direct to consumers through eCommerce channels. The company offers over 250 products on the Amazon channel and has a strong reputation for quality, style, and value within the baby product market.


The company has seen consistent growth year over year with minimal social presence and no SEO or paid advertising campaigns in place. The company has a hybrid shipping model with a small warehouse needed for storage and most products shipped through Amazon FBA. Long-term vendor relationships yield rapidly turning inventory and low overhead.

The company’s hybrid shipping model and long-term vendor relationships allow for low overhead and rapidly turning inventory.


The company has yet to implement SEO or paid advertising campaigns, and has not fully tapped into direct email marketing. With a database of over 10,000 cleaned, opt-in records, outbound marketing opportunities exist. The company is looking to expand onto other sales platforms such as Wal-mart.com, eBay, Pinterest, Etsy, and Amazon EU/UK.

The company plans to expand onto other online sales platforms, including Wal-mart.com, eBay, Pinterest, Etsy, and Amazon EU/UK, in order to increase sales.

The company’s key metrics include gross income of $2,572,616, cash flow of $419,279, and an asking price of $1,390,000.

The company has a broad demographic customer and social influencer base that values quality, style, and value in baby products.


The company employs one employee.


The baby product industry is a growing industry, and companies in this space have seen significant growth in recent years. With an increasing demand for organic and eco-friendly products, companies that offer these products have a competitive advantage. Examples of other successful companies in this industry include Honest Company and Mamaearth.


With over 250 SKUs across two well-recognized brands, scale potential for this company looks exceptionally bright. Already visible on Wal-mart.com but yet to really pump the platform, this retailer is ready to dive deeper here, just as it is to branch into additional sales platforms.

Asking Price: $1,390,000
Gross Income: $2,572,616
Cash Flow: $419,279
Year Established: 2008
Employees: 1

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