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Exploring Female Product Ecommerce Brand with Loyal Customer Base, High Repeat Order Rate, and Strong Social Media Following

This eCommerce business offers cost-effective, 100% organic and all-natural feminine care and hygiene products. The company has a loyal customer base with a 42.42% Repeat Order Rate and a strong social media following on both Instagram and Facebook. They have rolled out 51 SKUs and take pride in their message of female empowerment and camaraderie. The company is actively engaging with customers in multiple ways. They have also established partnerships with several well-known eCommerce websites such as Amazon and Walmart. The company has a huge potential for growth, especially in the global market that is projected to thrive in the coming years.


The daily responsibilities of this eCommerce business include overseeing financials and signing off on initiatives while the rest of the business operations are managed by contractors. This makes the business attractive for buyers looking for a hands-off light workload or for flexibility in adjusting and molding the business to suit their needs and lifestyle.

The company has a manufacturing agreement with one of the largest manufacturers in the feminine hygiene space, giving them full rights to all products made for them. This keeps competitors at bay, ensuring that none of their SKUs, current or future, will belong to anyone else. The company can also strengthen its storefronts on various eCommerce websites to diversify its sales channels and further scale the business.


The company’s marketing strategy is solid, including product reviews with a results and comfort rating system, social media presence, and SMS contact list with almost 79600+ members. The company can also branch out into podcasts, CTV, and other marketing strategies to bring in more customers. Partnering with larger influencers in the wellness industry is another excellent marketing strategy.

95% of the company’s sales are from its website. They have also set up storefronts on several well-known eCommerce websites such as Amazon and Walmart. Strengthening these storefronts would diversify sales channels and help the company scale.

The company’s key metrics include its 42.42% Repeat Order Rate, an average order value of $54.72, and an average customer value expected to increase by 44% over three months. Monthly traffic to their website is more than 196,000+, and they have reached 26,600 followers on Instagram and 25,400+ followers on Facebook.

The company has a loyal customer base with many repeat orders. They are very active on social media platforms, which contribute to the growth of their customer base.


This eCommerce business is managed by contractors who take care of marketing, customer service, and brand management, while the business owners oversee financials and sign off on initiatives. This makes the business flexible and attractive to buyers who are looking to reduce their daily workload.


The global market for feminine hygiene was valued at $37.20 billion USD in 2020 and is expected to reach an impressive $54.52 billion USD in 2028 at a CAGR of 5.22%. The demand for feminine hygiene products is on the rise as women are becoming more educated on a global scale and joining the workforce. There are also efforts to destigmatize the topic of feminine hygiene and promoting personal healthcare, which will contribute to this eCommerce business’s growth.


The company can expand its SKU roster to include postpartum and menopausal care or menstrual products to cater to any life stage. Also, the company can optimize customer service, improve its email marketing campaign, and SEO plan, among others. Lastly, the company can enter a global market that is in high demand and grow even faster.

Asking Price: $1,200,000
Gross Income: $3,495,647
Cash Flow: $265,079
Year Established: 2020
Employees: 1

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