research-grade supplements and dietary products

Exploring the Benefits of Research-Grade Supplements and Dietary Products with an Online Company

This internet company offers unique, research-grade supplements and dietary products with above-average average order value per ticket. The company demonstrates year over year sales growth and has limited competitors within the supplements marketplace.


The company functions with a 100% warehouse and stock model with low labor needs to keep the business moving. The company has a tight SKU lineup of branded products with minimal cost-to-entry barriers, and three dot com storefronts, averaging over 120 shipments leaving the warehouse daily.

The highly lucrative opportunity offers immediate scalability and is a niche market in the supplements industry with massive cost-to-entry barriers and a 100% warehouse and stock model requiring minimal labor to keep the business moving.


The company helps to minimize costs and maximize margins with a healthy affiliate network and email marketing reaching over 15,000 active addresses. There is a recognizable SEO program driving traffic to the company’s modernized Magento platform with ShipStation to ensure streamlined ordering and inventory processes.

With growing sales and profitability, the company has various opportunities for immediate scale, such as increased product offerings, additional storefronts, and expanding its SKUs through innovation.

The company has notably performed exceedingly well in sales and earnings since its inception in 2013, reaching $3,841,858 in gross income and $1,788,6000 in cash flow.

The company has a growing base of recurring customers with an above-average average order value of $100.00 per ticket and a 20% repeat order rate.


The company requires a 2-man crew to keep the business moving with a total of 4 employees.


The company is a leading and unique player in the vitamin and supplements category and operates within the burgeoning supplements sector of the e-commerce industry. The company offers research-grade dietary supplement products with few competitors.


The company has three dot com storefronts that average over 120 shipments leaving the warehouse every day. The business offers an immediate opportunity for scaling with cost-to-entry barriers within the supplement industry and a tight SKU lineup of branded products.

Asking Price: $4,950,000
Gross Income: $3,841,858
Cash Flow: $1,788,600
Year Established: 2013
Employees: 4

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