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Explosive Growth of a Global Social Media Service Provider: Views, Likes & Subscribers

This social media service provider offers paid services such as views, likes, followers, etc. to clients from a single dashboard. The company has been leading the market in YouTube services and other social media services since 2013 and has a unique offering, enabling it to offer a higher quality experience to clients than others. The business has managed to remain relevant and has a fully established infrastructure. With 32 services generating an average deposit of $32, it has driven 21% YOY growth, attracting 1.26 million registered users, 79,000+ paid users, and 7,000+ unique daily visitors.


This business has an automated and highly turnkey API back-end with a well-established customer support team, requiring only a few hours of hands-on work per week.



Due to its positive reputation, this business does not need paid SEO for social media clients. The company comes with an existing email database of over 662,000 subscribers, making email marketing an easy and low-cost opportunity for scale.

This business operates on a subscription basis and has several service packages on offer, ranging from individual to enterprise-level clients. Clients purchase services from a single dashboard, which makes the whole process more convenient.

This business has 1.26 million registered users, 79,000+ paid users, 7,000+ daily visitors generating a $32 average deposit, 21% YOY growth, and 34% net margins.

This business caters to individuals as well as enterprise-level clients, making it easy for anyone to avail of its services.


This business has six employees.


This company is an online service provider in the social media industry. The social media industry refers to websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or participate in social networking. Examples of other companies in this industry include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.


This social media service provider has plenty of room to expand globally through site translation into other languages and expanding service line up by adding service packages for additional platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Additional scale opportunities include initiating paid advertising campaigns, updating SEO, creating social networking and marketing, and offering boutique development services.

Asking Price: $2,598,000
Gross Income: $2,976,287
Cash Flow: $869,159
Year Established: 2014
Employees: 6

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