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Female-Focused Ecommerce Brand with Huge TikTok Following and Influencer Network – 51K Instagram Followers and Strong YOY Growth

This female-centric eCommerce brand offers eco- and skin-friendly products that address common struggles women face, helping them feel confident in any outfit. The company has experienced consistent growth over the past 4 years and has a strong following on TikTok and Instagram. They have been featured in well-known publications and prioritize excellent customer service.


The business operates on a stock inventory model and stores products in 3PL facilities. They have a local inventory of 25,000 units and work with other 3PL partners for additional stock. Orders are placed every few months, and products are shipped worldwide. Their best-selling products include breast tape, sticky inserts, and easy-lift bras.

The company relies on stock inventory held in 3PL facilities. They have a local inventory of 25,000 units, with additional stock held by 3PL partners. Orders are placed every few months to maintain inventory levels. The company prioritizes fast and efficient shipping to ensure customer satisfaction.


The company’s marketing strategy revolves around their strong social media presence, particularly on TikTok. They have developed a proprietary influencer marketing strategy that has driven significant growth. They also plan to expand to Amazon in the near future to reach even more customers.

The company’s primary sales channels are their eCommerce website and social media platforms. They have a strong following on TikTok and Instagram, which has contributed to their growth. Additionally, they plan to expand to Amazon in the near future to reach a wider audience.

Key metrics for this business include sales volume, customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value, and return on ad spend. These metrics are crucial for tracking the success of marketing campaigns, customer retention, and overall profitability.

The company’s customer base primarily consists of US-based women between the ages of 25 and 35. They have attracted a dedicated following due to their high-quality, eco- and skin-friendly products and excellent customer service. The company aims to continue catering to this customer base while also expanding to reach new markets.


The founder of the company is an owner-operator and works on the business for approximately 20 hours per week. They manage operations, marketing, and creative direction. The company also has 2 full-time employees, virtual assistants, and freelancers who handle various aspects of customer service, influencer management, and marketing.


The eCommerce industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, with online shopping becoming increasingly popular. This company operates in the beauty and health industry, which has a strong market demand. Similar companies in this industry include skincare brands, cosmetic companies, and fashion retailers focusing on women’s products.


There are several scale opportunities for this business, including expanding into global markets, particularly Southeast Asia and South America, where there is a growing demand for beauty products. Additionally, partnering with retail companies and selling products in physical stores, such as boutiques and larger retailers like Target and Bloomingdales, can contribute to further growth.

Asking Price: $750,000
Gross Income: $729,488
Cash Flow: $287,085
Year Established: 2018
Employees: 6

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