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Female-Focused Nutritional Supplements, Health, Beauty & Pet Business For Sale

This 11-year established eCommerce business specializes in natural, in-house developed products. It carries 5 brands in the supplement, health & beauty, household, pet, and sports categories. The company offers vibrant and all-natural herbal solutions for feminine wellness and popular detox bundles. With steady growth and rapidly rising profits, the business operates in multiple sales channels, including branded websites, Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. The company has achieved success on Amazon with numerous Amazon Choice badges and has expanded its customer base through enhanced marketing tactics and international markets. The company has a strong focus on female customers and offers various products in different categories.


The company stocks 3 months’ worth of inventory at Amazon and has a 3PL warehouse for additional storage. The business makes use of PPC ads on Amazon for marketing and has expanded to other sales platforms like Etsy and eBay. The company also has its own branded websites and recently launched an email marketing campaign. It has accumulated a large email database and has successfully grown its social media following on Instagram. The company has 50+ custom-made SKUs across different platforms and constantly develops new products.

The company stocks 3 months’ worth of inventory at Amazon and utilizes a 3PL warehouse for additional storage. It focuses on product development and manufacturing, ensuring that virtually everything they sell is custom-made.


The company primarily uses PPC ads on Amazon for marketing purposes. It has expanded its marketing efforts to include email marketing campaigns and social media marketing on Instagram. The company also plans to explore retail distribution opportunities.

The company has experienced growth in its sales channels, including Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and its own branded websites. Sales have increased sharply on Shopify, and the company plans to expand internationally on various platforms.

The company’s key metrics include sales revenue, average order value, customer retention rate, customer acquisition cost, conversion rate, and inventory turnover rate.

The company has a strong customer base among women for their feminine wellness products and among both men and women for their organic herbal supplements. They also have a rapidly growing customer base on Etsy, eBay, and their own branded websites.


The company has 3 employees.


The company operates in the eCommerce industry, specifically in the niche of natural and herbal products. The industry focuses on providing customers with all-natural solutions for various health and wellness needs, including feminine care, supplements, sports products, and organic goods. Examples of other companies in this industry include natural skincare brands, organic food brands, and eco-friendly home goods companies.


The company has opportunities to scale further by expanding its product line, creating new bundles, increasing PPC ad spend on Amazon, launching video ads on Amazon, enhancing digital marketing efforts on Shopify and other platforms, optimizing SEO, and exploring retail distribution. The company has also received interest from a large retail chain, presenting a valuable opportunity for growth.

Asking Price: $6,850,000
Gross Income: $3,999,155
Cash Flow: $1,244,532
Year Established: 2010
Employees: 3

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