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High-End Home Furnishings Brand – 20 Years of Success and a 52% Repeat Order Rate

We are a high-end eCommerce brand specializing in luxury and designer home furnishings. With over 20 years of experience, we have built trusted relationships with top brand leaders in the industry, allowing us to offer a wide range of high-quality home furniture and d├ęcor products to our customers. Our customer base is diverse, including repeat buyers who own multiple properties and trust us for furnishing each home. We have a strong presence in the industry and exclusive supplier deals, giving us a competitive edge in the market.


Our operations are driven by a dedicated and experienced team of 12 employees. We dropship products directly from our vendors, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient process. Our marketing efforts focus on digital channels, including social media, SEO, and PPC ads. We have a 52% repeat order rate among our B2B clients and a solid reputation for quality products and customer service.

We have exclusive supplier deals with major brand names in the home furnishings industry, which allows us to provide a wide range of products to our customers. We dropship products directly from our vendors, eliminating the need for warehousing and streamlining our supply chain.


Our marketing strategy includes social media marketing on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, as well as collaborations with influencers in the industry. We also use SEO techniques and run PPC ads to drive sales. Our content marketing efforts attract a substantial number of visitors to our website.

We currently sell directly to consumers (60% of sales) and through B2B trade accounts (40% of sales). There is a significant growth opportunity in expanding our presence on top eCommerce sites like Amazon and Walmart. We can also explore video marketing campaigns and affiliate partnerships with luxury designers to further boost our sales.

Our key metrics include a 52% repeat order rate among B2B clients, an average order value of $2,000+, and a growing customer base. We track sales, customer satisfaction, and engagement metrics to measure our success.

Our customer base is diverse and includes repeat buyers who own multiple properties. We cater to women over the age of 30, with many of our customers having second homes. We have built trust and loyalty among our customers through our high-quality products and exceptional customer service.


Our experienced team of 12 employees handles daily operations, including communication, merchandising, sales, billing, HR, and data control. We have a strong focus on maintaining relationships with our suppliers and providing exceptional customer service.


The home furnishings industry is a lucrative market with a global value of $415 billion, projected to reach $455.4 billion by 2025. The industry has experienced a 9% growth rate in recent years, with the e-retail segment growing at a faster rate of 17%. The demand for home furnishing goods is driven by larger homes, advanced shipping options, and the introduction of new brands with appealing offerings.


As a well-established brand with exclusive supplier deals, there are several scale opportunities available for us. We can expand our digital marketing campaigns, launch an affiliates program, venture into video marketing, and explore additional sales channels like Amazon and Walmart. The growth projections for the home furnishings industry provide a favorable market environment for scaling our business.

Asking Price: $4,000,000
Gross Income: $5,870,133
Cash Flow: $1,084,884
Year Established: 2003
Employees: 12

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