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Highly Automated Self-Publishing Ecommerce Venture

This company offers writers assistance with getting their work published, every step of the way. The company publishes the books and even provides cover designs, promotion, and marketing. It operates using freelancers and automatically prints books on-demand whenever a customer makes a purchase. With no warehousing required, this business is highly automated and needs no working capital, and new ownership can make it a standalone revenue generator or a strategic acquisition. The company caters to self-publishing authors and offers retail affiliates a 50% trade discount on books.


The company requires little or no working capital and operates with no warehouse space. Freelancers conduct services on-demand, and visitors purchase books from their website. With a modernized platform and architecture, this business is automated and runs itself.

The company is highly automated, and books are printed on-demand by external printing companies. Due to its automation, this company requires less warehouse space and has lower overhead costs.


This business caters to self-publishing authors and offers retail affiliates a 50% trade discount on books. With high-quality cover designs, marketing strategies, and other services, the business markets itself to authors looking for assistance with publishing.

The business generates income by providing services to self-publishing authors, making it more accessible to readers worldwide. With a highly automated and well-built platform, the company is poised for tremendous growth through marketing strategies such as SEO optimization and retargeting campaigns. Further growth prospects can be realized by tapping into the audiobook market.

The business requires little or no initial investment, and all books are produced on-demand, leading to lower overheads. Customers can find online books on the company’s website, making it easily accessible to readers and writers worldwide. The business generates revenue through published books by connecting authors to readers worldwide.

The customer base of this business is primarily self-publishing authors and readers. The company offers services such as cover designs, marketing, and printing for self-publishing authors while providing readers with a wide selection of books via their website.


The company operates with freelancers, requiring little human investment. The company’s expansive database of freelancers assures the seamless operations of the company.


The publishing industry is vast, with a wide variety of niche markets. According to research conducted by IBISWorld, the self-publishing industry was worth $1.2 billion in 2019. Due to the rise of digital publishing mediums, the industry has become highly accessible to amateur authors looking to get their works published and experienced writers looking to generate alternative streams of revenue. Examples of companies that operate in the self-publishing market are Blurb, Lulu, and Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.


The company can generate increased revenue through retargeting campaigns and SEO optimization to attract more authors to their platform. The number of book sales can increase even more with tapping into the audiobook niche market. The business also has scope for expansion into other publishing services such as editing and consulting, further increasing the business’s revenue streams and the potential for future growth.

Asking Price: $45,000
Gross Income: $46,202
Cash Flow: $30,161
Year Established: 2006
Employees: 1

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