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Highly Profitable Amazon Business in the Weight Loss Sector

This online business sells proprietary, branded weight loss and supplement products through an established Amazon Seller account and a professionally furnished web presence. It generates revenue from a handful of branded products and is expanding with the release of additional products. The business is 100% relocatable and ships strictly via FBA (Amazon, Amazon Prime) and requires no physical warehouse. It also has a social media presence with over 10,200 followers. This is a valuable acquisition for an e-commerce corporation or an entrepreneur to succeed in the lucrative weight-loss and supplement sector.


This business operates through Amazon’s FBA program and does not require a physical warehouse. It ships its products through Amazon and focuses on creating quality products with high demand.

The business has no physical warehouse and ships its products through Amazon’s FBA program.


The business has a strong social media presence with over 10,200 followers that can be leveraged to expand its market reach. There is ample opportunity for growth with additional product releases.

The business sells its products exclusively through Amazon’s FBA program, but there is potential to expand to other sales channels.

The business generates $341,371 in gross income with a cash flow of $75,582. It was established in 2014 with only one employee.

The business targets customers looking for weight loss and supplement products. It has a loyal customer base and a five-star rating on Amazon.


The business has one employee.


The weight loss and supplement sector is highly lucrative and in high demand. The industry is projected to grow to $245 billion by 2026. Examples of other successful businesses in this industry include Weight Watchers, GNC, Herbalife, and Atkins.


The business is already adding additional products in 2016 and has a strong social media presence that can be leveraged for growth. There is also potential to expand to other sales channels.

Asking Price: $188,955
Gross Income: $341,371
Cash Flow: $75,582
Year Established: 2014
Employees: 1

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