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Highly Profitable Men’s Jewelry Ecommerce Business with 30% Repeat Order Rate and 6 Years in Business with Strong Social Media Presence

An eCommerce leader in the niche field of Men’s Fashion Jewelry, with six years of experience in crafting on-trend, beautiful pieces. The company caters to the growing global jewelry industry, valued at $280 Billion.


The company features a complete portfolio of high-quality men’s fashion jewelry that includes necklaces, bracelets, watches, glasses, earrings, pendants, and rings, with an exclusive hip-hop inspired and streetwear designs crafted by the owner that drive demand.

Located within a 400 square foot warehouse, the brand maintains $140,000 worth of inventory, fulfilling 10-15 orders a day, with new orders placed every few months.


The brand enjoys steamy growth rate primarily due to its social media marketing strategy. The company has a massive following of 312,000 followers on Instagram, 2,700 subscribers on YouTube, and is now posting regularly on TikTok.

30% Repeat Order Rate, 34% Year Over Year Growth, and ROI generated by PPC ads surpasses the initial investment.

Over the past few years, the brand’s expanding customer base has primarily consisted of 16–25-year-olds who are fans of rap music, fashion, and urban culture. While the largest demographic is African Americans, the brand does market to Latinos and Caucasians as well, with average order value of $100.


The company has one employee, a shipping manager who packages orders, and uses a contractor to handle customer service emails. The current owner spends 40 hours per week running the business, focusing primarily on social media management, researching growth options, purchasing items low on stock, and managing customer service.


The brand taps into the wants of 16-25-year-olds, utilizing hip-hop inspired and streetwear designs, giving them an edge in a burgeoning market aimed at the African-American and Latino communities. The company enjoys ardent support from fans of the rap music and urban culture, enjoying more considerable growth in the sales of men’s fashion accessories compared to women.


The brand has immense growth potential, thanks to its exceptional performance on social media due to an active presence on all visual platforms. Listing on Amazon would enable the company to do an international expansion on Amazon’s overseas platforms and use PPC ads to generate customer traffic and sales.

Asking Price: $250,000
Gross Income: $321,970
Cash Flow: $124,994
Year Established: 2015
Employees: 1

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