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In-House Designs of Natural Yoga-Themed Apparel and Jewelry Brand

This Custom Apparel & Jewelry Manufacturer and eCommerce Brand specializes in natural and yoga-themed products. They design all their own products with a focus on natural, spiritual, and yoga-based themes. With over 6 years in business, they offer 50 unique clothing and jewelry SKUs on Etsy, their branded website, and social media platforms. The business is owner-operated, allowing flexibility to run from anywhere in the world. Marketing efforts include email marketing, social media marketing, and some chat bot marketing. The opportunity for growth lies in expanding marketing efforts with paid ads, influencers, and affiliates, and expanding to Amazon.


The business is owner-operated, with average weekly hours ranging from 10-20. Responsibilities include managing the Etsy store, posting on Instagram, managing Shopify, and handling customer service inquiries. Orders are shipped directly to the customers by the owners.

The business operates with a hybrid model, with clothing being print on demand and jewelry being stocked. All 50 SKUs are completely unique, with designs created and owned by the business.


Marketing efforts have focused on email marketing, social media marketing, and some chat bot marketing. The business has been successful without advertisement, leaving room for growth through paid ads, influencers, affiliates, and more. The business is part of the top 1% of sellers on Etsy.

Currently, the business sells its products on Etsy, their branded website, and social media platforms. The growth opportunity lies in expanding to Amazon and utilizing paid advertising on platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram for increased sales and brand exposure.

Key metrics for this business include revenue, profit margin, conversion rate, customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value, and return on ad spend.

The customer base for this business includes individuals interested in natural and yoga-themed products. They may be interested in self-care, wellness, spirituality, or yoga. The business also has the potential to attract bulk buyers such as yoga studios or boutiques.


The business is currently owner-operated, requiring minimal employee involvement. A single employee manages the daily operations and customer service inquiries.


The custom apparel and jewelry industry is a highly competitive vertical. This business stands out with its unique designs and focus on natural and yoga-based themes. Examples of other businesses in this industry include independent designer brands, Etsy sellers, and online jewelry stores.


There are several scale opportunities for this business. Expanding to Amazon can significantly increase sales and reach a larger customer base. Investing in paid advertisements, influencers, and affiliates can also contribute to growth. Additionally, expanding social media presence and exploring brick and mortar wholesale are potential opportunities for scale.

Asking Price: $249,000
Gross Income: $146,835
Cash Flow: $74,274
Year Established: 2014
Employees: 1

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