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Innovative Food Container Brand: 12 Years of Ecommerce Success with Patents and Trademarks in Place

With 12 years of experience, this innovative food container brand offers healthy and eco-friendly food storage options for parents, professionals, athletes, and more. Their proprietary designs make creating colorful and nutritious meals easy for everyone, regardless of dietary preferences. The brand is well-known in the parenting community and has a strong word-of-mouth presence. Currently focused on the sales channel, there are opportunities for expansion into other online marketplaces, B2B wholesale, their own website, and social media. The company has strong manufacturing partnerships, owns all their own molds, and maintains high profitability with minimal staff and outsourced logistics.


This eCommerce retailer offers a diverse product line of bento boxes, leak-proof containers, insulated containers, and lunch bags. With modern and simple designs featuring pops of color, their products are available in various sizes and colors to cater to all needs. The company has extensive manufacturing experience, relying on reliable supplier partnerships, proprietary molds, and expertise in producing high-quality items at competitive prices. They currently sell in multiple countries through the Amazon FBA program, leveraging their social media presence to drive traffic to their website.

This company has strong manufacturing partnerships and owns all their own molds, allowing them to maintain quality control and production efficiency. They utilize the Amazon FBA program for pick, pack, shipping, and storage, enabling them to offer fast and reliable delivery to customers. Additional supply chain and logistics strategies are implemented to optimize inventory management and minimize costs.


This brand primarily relies on word-of-mouth and direct brand searches to attract customers. Their strong presence in the parenting community and emphasis on healthy eating has helped establish their reputation. While they currently focus on the Amazon sales channel, there are opportunities to expand to other online marketplaces, develop a traffic and conversions plan for their website, and leverage social media marketing to reach a wider audience.

The company currently focuses on the sales channel, benefiting from low customer acquisition costs. However, there are opportunities for growth in other sales channels, such as other online marketplaces and B2B wholesale. Developing a strong traffic and conversions plan for their own website, as well as leveraging social media marketing, can drive additional sales growth.

Key metrics for this business include customer acquisition cost, repeat purchase rate, customer satisfaction, social media engagement, website traffic, conversion rate, and sales growth. These metrics help monitor the effectiveness of marketing efforts, customer retention, and overall business performance.

The customer base for this brand consists of parents, professionals, athletes, and individuals who prioritize healthy and eco-friendly food storage solutions. They have a strong presence in the parenting community and rely on word-of-mouth marketing. With a diverse product line and emphasis on color and design, they aim to appeal to a broad range of customers with different dietary preferences and lifestyle choices.


With minimal staff, this company leverages a group of contractors to support their operations. They also outsource logistics whenever possible to focus on core competencies. As the company continues to grow, they may consider expanding their human resources team to support new initiatives and scale the business.


The food storage container industry is experiencing significant growth, projected to reach $216 billion by 2027. This industry encompasses various brands and products that cater to different consumer needs. Examples of competitors in the industry include Tupperware, Rubbermaid, Sistema, Lock & Lock, and Bentgo. As more people prioritize healthy eating and environmental consciousness, the demand for innovative food containers like those offered by this brand is expected to continue rising.


The scale opportunities for this business include further product innovation, expansion into adjacent verticals, and penetration into different sales channels. By continuing to develop and launch new products, they can cater to a wider range of customer preferences and increase their market share. Additionally, exploring partnerships with retailers like Target and department stores can expand their distribution reach. The potential to franchise or license their brand also presents scalability options.

Asking Price: $7,500,000
Gross Income: $3,699,217
Cash Flow: $1,469,660
Year Established: 2008
Employees: 1

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