eco-friendly and sustainable product line

International Eco Products Retailer Selling Proprietary Home and Children’s Goods

The business is an internationally branded and patented Amazon FBA retailer that offers eco-conscious and sustainably made products. The product offerings are primarily home and baby goods, with 12 SKUs managed easily. The company focuses on ensuring that the products are cruelty-free, organic and manufactured under fair market conditions in a way that caters to the needs of virtually any segment of buyers. The revenue is mainly generated through a five-star international Amazon seller central account, featuring a $35 average ticket and enjoying minimal seasonality. The eco retailer is situated for scale into new international markets, B2B opportunities, and existing brick and mortar stores. The business is easy to run and requires a mere 5-hour workload per week from the owner.


The company operates under full management, with agile and easily scaled profit centers. The company is built on a low overhead model that is easy to run, eliminating the need for employee headcount or office expenditures.

The business has exclusive manufacturing contracts with suppliers and fulfills all products directly from the manufacturer to the customer. There’s no need for warehouse overhead, making it a fully portable and virtual business.


The company’s marketing strategy relies mostly on Amazon PPC advertising and minimal social media implementation. There’s tremendous growth potential due to the growth of organic retail and automation.

The business is situated for growth in various ways, including expanding into new international markets, B2B opportunities, and existing brick and mortar stores. The company also offers custom branding jobs for batch production with existing suppliers.

The company has a 5-star international Amazon seller central account with an average $35 ticket price and minimal seasonality. The business has exclusive and establish supplier relationships, a product line with patented home category SKUs in the US and EU, and a fully virtual platform with total mobility. The agile profit center operates under full management with a low overhead model.

The business caters to a wide range of buyers looking for eco-conscious and sustainably made products, with a focus on home and baby goods. The brand remains trendy by ensuring the products are fully organic, cruelty-free, and manufactured using fair market practices.


The business is built on a fully managed model that eliminates the need for employee headcount and office expenditures. The agile model requires only a 5-hour workload per week for inventory management and customer service operations.


The eco products industry continues to grow, reflecting the growing trend of people looking to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Eco products offer health benefits, environmental benefits, and branding benefits that appeal to a wide range of buyers. The industry is highly fragmented, with a range of eco products from reusable bags to organic baby foods. Several competitors include The Honest Company, Bambino Mio, and EarthHero.


The business has existing supplier relationships and a robust virtual platform that’s highly scalable. The business can expand into new international markets, wholesale and brick & mortar opportunities, and B2B by offering custom-branding jobs for batch production. The brand has excellent appeal in all corners of the globe.

Asking Price: $850,000
Gross Income: $912,492
Cash Flow: $240,775
Year Established: 2017
Employees: 2

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