copper mug

Leading Copper Drinkware Ecommerce Business

This eCommerce business offers two leading brands of fashionable copper drinkware that are sold via their well-established 5-star Amazon FBA storefront and dot com storefront with solid, consistent year-over-year growth in the trendy drinkware segment. The business has established a profitable foot hold with five fast-moving SKUs produced by a locked-in supplier. The company is completely turn-key in every way, allowing any owner to step in and run the business with minimal time and effort.


The business fully operates in the online space utilizing its Amazon FBA and dot com storefronts. Operations are highly automated and generate consistent revenue with minimal management.

The business utilizes a locked-in supplier to produce five fast-moving SKUs for its two brands, ensuring the consistency and quality of product supply.


This business has a strong reputation through its 100% positive lifetime review rating, allowing for a strong base to launch a variety of additional marketing strategies such as affiliate marketing to increase sales.

The business operates primarily through its dot com storefront and Amazon FBA sales, with potential for expansion into varied sales channels such as affiliate marketing.

The business’ key metrics include its highly automated and profitable nature, consistent year-over-year growth, international expansion opportunities, and the potential for affiliate marketing and SKU expansion.

The customer base includes individuals seeking fashionable copper drinkware, particularly the trendy copper mug.


Minimal human resources are required to run this turn-key business as it is highly automated.


The trendy copper drinkware segment is expected to continue experiencing consistent year-over-year growth, particularly in North American and European markets alike. The massive popularity of the copper mug serves as an example of this.


The business provides scale opportunities including international market diversification, affiliate marketing, and SKU lineup expansion.

Asking Price: $160,000
Gross Income: $160,000
Cash Flow: $45,000
Year Established: 2015
Employees: 1

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