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Men’s Jewelry Ecommerce Brand Boasts 20% Repeat Order Rate and Year-Over-Year Sales Growth

Our premium jewelry eCommerce brand for men offers modern urban jewelry with style and comfort in mind. We provide high-quality stainless steel bracelets, rings, and combination sets that are convenient and efficient to shop on our Shopify website. Our unique focus on the male demographic has led to strong year-over-year sales growth and a repeat order rate of 20%.


Our operations revolve around sourcing high-quality stainless steel bracelets and rings from suppliers in Asia. All products are fully branded and sold in customized packaging. We have successfully leveraged social media, particularly Instagram and Facebook, for marketing our products. Our email marketing campaigns have also contributed significantly to our revenue.

We maintain a partnership with suppliers in Asia to source our stainless steel bracelets and rings. Our supplier stocks and fulfills orders, and we typically maintain a seven-day inventory.


Our marketing strategies include social media advertising, PPC ads on Google, and a massive email database of 38,000 subscribers. We have also implemented successful clearance sales and targeted marketing campaigns to attract our desired demographic of men aged 30-55.

We currently sell exclusively on our Shopify website but have significant growth opportunities by expanding to eCommerce giants such as Amazon and Walmart. We also have the potential to run PPC ad campaigns on other channels like Pinterest and TikTok.

Our key metrics include strong year-over-year sales growth of 149%, a repeat customer rate of 20%, and a customer lifetime value of $53. We also focus on maintaining a high average order value of $45.

Our customer base primarily consists of men between the ages of 30-55 who have an eye for quality urban jewelry. We have a growing number of repeat customers, with a 20% repeat order rate. Our products appeal to individuals who value style, comfort, and affordability.


We currently have one part-time virtual assistant who handles customer service inquiries by email. The business requires approximately one hour of work per day, mainly for managing PPC ads and communicating with the supplier.


The jewelry industry is projected to reach $480 billion by 2025, with a growing demand for quality products. While traditionally dominated by the women’s segment, there is an increasing share of male customers in the market. Our brand has successfully targeted this niche by providing high-end, modern urban jewelry at a reasonable price. Examples of companies in the industry include Tiffany & Co. and David Yurman.


There are several scale opportunities for our business. These include launching new products such as rings and necklaces, expanding our email marketing campaigns, implementing SEO strategies, and exploring international markets. Additionally, adding women’s jewelry to our product offerings could further drive growth.

Asking Price: $1,450,000
Gross Income: $2,015,254
Cash Flow: $364,466
Year Established: 2020
Employees: 1

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