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Mop Kit Business: An Ecommerce Retailer Selling Consumer Brands

This online retailer offers a high demand, domestically-made, and branded line of hand-sewn mops and mop kits. They have achieved solid year-over-year scale since their inception in 2016, with a strong 5-star Amazon seller rating.


The company utilizes the Fullfilled by Amazon (FBA) logistics model, which handles all storage, pick, pack, and shipping services. This allows for simple operations management and high levels of automation, making the business relocatable and turn-key.

The company’s supply and logistics are well-managed through the FBA model, which handles all aspects of storage, pick, pack, and shipping. This ensures efficient operations and timely delivery to customers.


The company primarily relies on sales as its main sales channel. However, there are untapped opportunities for expansion into other US sales channels such as Walmart, Jet, eBay, Etsy, and a branded website. Marketing efforts can be focused on increasing website sales and utilizing the associated marketing opportunities.

The business currently primarily relies on sales through However, there are significant growth opportunities by expanding into other US sales channels such as Walmart, Jet, eBay, Etsy, and a branded website. This diversification can lead to increased sales volume and market reach.

Key metrics for this business include sales volume, customer acquisition cost, customer retention rate, and average order value. These metrics can help monitor the performance and growth of the business.

The customer base consists of individuals and businesses who purchase mops and mop kits for personal or commercial cleaning purposes. Target customers include homeowners, janitorial services, and businesses in the cleaning industry.


The current workforce consists of one employee, indicating a lean and efficient operational structure. As the business continues to scale, additional employees may be required to handle increased demand.


The mop and cleaning supplies industry is a highly competitive market with numerous players. However, this business stands out by offering domestically-made, high-quality products with a strong Amazon seller rating. Examples of competitors include other mop and cleaning supplies brands such as Swiffer and O-Cedar.


This business has significant scale opportunities through expanding into international markets through Amazon, such as Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Additionally, expanding sales channels to Walmart, Jet, eBay, Etsy, and a branded website can drive further growth. Partnerships with other cleaning supply brands or wholesalers can also lead to scale opportunities.

Asking Price: $560,000
Gross Income: $917,302
Cash Flow: $165,677
Year Established: 2015
Employees: 1

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