Kick Scooters for Toddlers

Multi-Branded Ecommerce Retailer of Kick Scooters for All Ages

This eCommerce retailer sells high quality kick scooters, parts, and accessories for toddlers, kids, teens, and adults under 2 trademarked consumer brands. The company utilizes eCommerce and as its primary sales channels with 23 different scooters available in multiple color variations. Scalable opportunities are available with exclusive agreements with suppliers and potential big box retailers such as Costco and Walmart on the horizon.


The company uses eCommerce and to sell its products, with direct shipping from the manufacturer to Amazon’s warehouses. The company has reliable suppliers with proprietary, sole, and exclusive relationships. The owner is willing to train a buyer on the processes and intricacies of the business. Two offshore employees handle customer service and social media, and there is one secretary and one part-time bookkeeper.

The company has reliable suppliers in place, including proprietary, sole and exclusive relationships with most of the products it sells.


The company has focused heavily on Amazon PPC and influencer marketing along with Google Ads, Facebook, and some basic email marketing. The company has potential big box retail contracts lined up, including with Costco and Walmart.

Scalable opportunities include electric scooters for kids that will be the first on the market with exclusive agreements with suppliers, as well as many more teen and adult models. The company is also looking to expand into big box stores and trade shows.

The company generates $5,109,365 in gross income and a cash flow of $1,164,340. It was established in 2018, has 4 employees, and an asking price of $4,500,000.

The company’s customer base includes toddlers, kids, teens, and adults who are interested in high-quality scooters for personal use or transportation.


Current ownership works 12 hours per week overlooking customer service reps, controlling ads and inventory, and overlooking in-house shipping of spare parts, etc. The company employs two offshore employees for customer service and social media, one secretary, and one part-time bookkeeper. While warehouse availability exists, this business can be run from anywhere in the world.


The toy industry is a $90 billion industry that has been heavily impacted by COVID-19, with large retailers like Toys R Us closing their doors. However, the market is expected to rebound. The industry has a diverse range of products, from classic board games and dolls to high-tech gadgets and robotics.


Scalable opportunities include expanding into big box retailers, creating electric scooters for kids, and launching new teen and adult scooter models.

Asking Price: $4,500,000
Gross Income: $5,109,365
Cash Flow: $1,164,340
Year Established: 2018
Employees: 4

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