gun slings and archery wrist slings wine opener

Multibranded Amazon FBA Ecommerce Retailer: Wine Accessories, Hunting Gear with Strong YOY Sales

This eCommerce business is an Amazon Best Seller for gun slings and archery wrist slings and markets uniquely designed wine openers. With the majority of sales happening on Amazon, the two brands have amassed a tremendous level of revenue. The company has found a highly receptive market for both niche brands in both the B2C and wholesale markets and they are experiencing steady growth in sales year over year.


The company was launched six years ago to market products in the niche fields of gun and wine accessories. Sales are mainly on their Amazon platform, and they have also started to see a healthy rise in sales on their Shopify store, and they now utilize Shopify to process all wholesale orders. Both brands have unique scale opportunities.

The brand now ships its products using Fulfilled By Amazon, although wholesale orders are shipped out of their warehouse. They tend to maintain up to $200,000+ in inventory, particularly during peak seasons.


The company’s marketing campaign has included using Amazon PPC on all accounts, and the use of social media posts on Facebook and Instagram for both brands. They could boost their email marketing campaigns and social media accounts to attract more organic traffic. They could also target more international sales by boosting its presence – and advertising – on Amazon’s European platforms.

With multiple websites that are doing well, this company is uniquely positioned for rapid growth. Scale opportunities include growing the company’s wholesale channels to different industries, including wineries, sporting goods stores, and gun stores. The company could also expand its SKUs, launching additional patented wine opener designs.

The paracord slings remain their top seller, or 55% of all sales, while the wine openers represent 38% of sales. The wine opener site enjoys 100% positive feedback based on 51 ratings, while the gun slings site has a 97% positive feedback score based on 269 ratings. The company now has 6 patents and 4 trademarks on these products.

Their products are highly rated on Amazon and have many loyal customers. Their loyal customer base has been highly enthusiastic about these products.


The current ownership now works 10 hours per week on this business, with primary tasks that include making sure products stay ordered and are in stock. The company employs one contractor, a virtual assistant who helps with various projects.


Both the gun and the wine industries are booming fields today on a global scale. The gun industry alone is now worth $60 billion and is responsible for accessory products. Interestingly, with nearly 10,000 wineries in the United States, the wine industry is producing over 900 million gallons per year, resulting in a market worth $70 billion in sales.


There are opportunities to scale both sites, including through new digital marketing campaigns, diversification of the product line, and an increased emphasis on the wholesale market. With gun slings being very much a practical purchase and the wine openers a popular gift item, these two brands are likely to experience exponential growth in the years ahead.

Asking Price: $1,247,400
Gross Income: $1,278,000
Cash Flow: $324,000
Year Established: 2015
Employees: 2

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