secure website hosting that is cloud-based

Recurring Revenue Website Design & Marketing Studio with Reseller Network

This digital website hosting service delivers a cloud-based website solution with built-in redundancy. It was started in 2013 and has been driving incredible Monthly Recurring Revenue through reliability, quality, and expertise. They leverage a reseller network to optimize profit, guaranteeing continued sales by providing monthly business leads directly to their resellers. The company has clean books and records that make it a prime acquisition opportunity.


The website hosting service operates through a white label model, providing their products through multiple resellers. Their in-depth technological infrastructure delivers secure website hosting while leveraging the skills of each reseller to create a recurring revenue model. The company utilizes 3 staff members who are all subcontractors.

Logistics are not pertinent as the company operates through a white label model, utilizing resellers to sell their products.


This company works with a custom reseller network to drive reliable purchasing activity. The marketing initiatives that could be applied include advertising placement, trade show participation, and product extensions.

There is ample room to scale this business by expanding into other marketing initiatives and extending their range of services.

The company records Monthly Recurring Revenue to keep track of the subscriptions. They also keep monthly billing reports, and invoicing on the first of each month.

The company operates through a reseller network and does not cater to end-users. Their custom reseller network drives reliable purchasing activity.


The company has 3 subcontractors that include an operations manager, a data entry and telephone operator, and a freelance WordPress developer. The owner dedicates 5-10 hours each week to maintain and grow the business.


This business operates in the eCommerce industry. Their main functions involve website hosting, design, and marketing. Some other eCommerce examples are Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.


This business has high opportunities for scaling through the creation and optimization of websites or expanding into other marketing initiatives extensive tool development. The owner has already put structures in place for these processes to occur.

Asking Price: $4,200,000
Gross Income: $1,202,900
Cash Flow: $936,439
Year Established: 2017
Employees: 3

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