Amish-made dining furniture

Reliable Amish Home Decor Retailer with 20+ Year Track Record

A 20-year-old eCommerce retailer specializing in Made-in-the-USA Furniture built by Amish craftsmen in the Midwest and drop-shipped directly to local finishers for delivery worldwide. With over 2,800 customizable SKUs, this business sells dining and outdoor furniture, fireplaces, and more. Offering high quality and handcrafted nature, the business sees an $1,800 average ticket value and a 10% repeat customer base with over 5,700 unique monthly visitors. The business has a prime location and is known for its organic traffic, with a reputation built up over two decades. This company is a perfect opportunity for new owners to invest in a business that taps Houzz and other furnishings-specific social and sales channels online.


A full-time sales associate handles all customer orders, sends samples, and organizes all deliveries. This makes it possible for ownership to invest in business growth opportunities. This eliminates the need for large inventory holds entirely. The books and records of this business are clean, making it a prime candidate for a 10-year amortized loan with 10% down for qualified buyers.

Sourcing from over 200 Amish craftsmen, this business can offer custom products that can be resized or built to specification from a portfolio of over 2,800 customizable SKUs, shipping to destinations worldwide. The business uses a drop-shipping model, making inventory storage unnecessary.


This business has yet to tap into Houzz and specific sales channels online that would enable it to cast a wider net. The business currently sees over 5,700 unique monthly visitors from organic traffic alone. This well-crafted business is in a perfect position to capitalize on even the most tacit paid advertising investments in the hands of absolutely any new owner, anywhere in the world.

There is an opportunity to tap into Houzz and other furnishings-specific social and sales channels online, which would cast a much wider net. This, coupled with paid advertising, could help the business to capitalize on sales channels. The business already has a high reputation and sees over 5,700 unique monthly visitors from organic traffic alone.

The business sees an $1,800 average ticket value with a 10% repeat customer base. Seeing 5,700 unique monthly visitors currently on organic traffic alone. The highly competitive keyword Amish furniture ranks it online at an average of 6.8.

The business caters to a global audience with its offerings of Amish home decor and furniture. It offers over 2,800 customizable SKUs with high-quality and handcrafted furniture built by Amish craftsmen. The business has over 5,700 unique monthly visitors.


The business has a full-time sales associate to handle orders, deliveries, and customer service, freeing up ownership to focus on business growth.


The business specializes in Amish home decor and furniture, catering to customers worldwide. The business sources its products from over 200 Amish craftsmen in the Midwest and has built a reputation over the last two decades. The highly competitive nature of the industry requires businesses to stay agile and flexible.


The opportunity to leverage Houzz and other sales channels and paid advertising is a major opportunity for any new owner. This well-crafted business is already positioned for the adoption of paid advertising. With a reputation that’s been built over the last two decades, it offers a highly profitable venture for new owners.

Asking Price: $349,000
Gross Income: $603,000
Cash Flow: $104,495
Year Established: 1999
Employees: 1

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