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Revolutionary Laser Gun Training System with Proprietary App and 61% Profit Margins, 50K Active Users, and Ammunition Cost Savings

The Patented Laser Firearm Training Brand is an eCommerce business with over 50,000 active users. The company specializes in providing quick, easy, and safe firearm training and education to its customers with the help of its patented, proprietary products and Laser Firearm Technology. The company has 8 patented SKUs and its products offer customers accurate and affordable laser-guided target practice to improve their shooting skills without having to use live ammunition. Customers can use the company’s proprietary app to track their progress, compete with other marksmen, and gain access to firearm drills, shooting templates, shot timing, and much more.


The company’s laser-guided target practice solutions offer affordable and safe firearm training to its customers without the need for live ammunition. The company’s patented, proprietary products promote quick and easy firearm training, and its customers can use its proprietary app to track their progress and improve their skills. The company’s operations are focused on driving customer satisfaction through an extensive online presence and distribution networks that include Amazon and DTC sales channels.

The company’s products are designed and patented by the company, and the company has a streamlined supply chain process. The company uses Amazon and DTC sales channels to distribute its products.


The company has an extensive social media presence with over 26,000 Instagram followers and over 4,800 Facebook followers. The company’s marketing is focused on promoting its unique selling proposition to customers- affordable, safe, and laser-guided firearm training.

The company’s growth opportunities are strong, and its aggressive social media presence can further fuel its strong customer base growth. The company is also looking to launch its new Pro System and upgrade its Subscription App. The company additionally has the opportunity to expand its presence on Amazon and running PPC ads on both the Amazon and Google platforms to help expand its customer base.

The company has over 50,000 active users, and its revenue increased by over 200% year-on-year since 2019. Additionally, its net income increased by nearly 150% between 2020 and 2021. The company has 61% margins, indicating its profitability.

The company has over 50,000 active users, including hunters, sportsmen, gun owners, police, military personnel, and competition shooters, among others. The company has a high repeat purchase rate which is a testament to the effectiveness of its products.


The company has nine employees and is committed to promoting a safe, innovative, and niche operational culture aimed at promoting firearm safety.


The U.S. firearms industry is highly profitable, with the U.S. carrying 40% of civilian-owned firearms in the global market. Furthermore, the shooting range industry has blossomed in recent years, reflecting a growing interest in personal protection. The Patented Laser Firearm Training Brand addresses a critical market need while promoting firearm safety, making it a highly valuable offering.


The Company’s scale opportunities are the expansion of its product line, especially with the launch of the new Pro System. The company can leverage its growing customer base to expand its presence on Amazon and overseas using Amazon’s foreign platforms. There is also an opportunity to explore PPC advertising opportunities on other platforms.

Asking Price: $6,285,000
Gross Income: $7,505,769
Cash Flow: $1,611,082
Year Established: 2020
Employees: 9

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