landscaped garden with a plastic trench drain

SBA Prequalified Irrigation and Drainage Systems Ecommerce Retailer for Sale

Irrigation & Drainage Systems Brand is an eCommerce retailer specializing in the niche market of irrigation and drainage systems. The company offers a wide variety of plastic trench drains that seamlessly blend into surrounding landscapes. With over 50 SKUs and an average order value of $150-$400, the business sees strong order volumes year-round, making it a profitable venture in the eCommerce world.


The company operates with a fully developed eCommerce platform and follows a 100% stock model. They provide impactful drainage solutions for both residential and commercial spaces, offering complete drainage systems and replacement parts for any scale job. With quick shipping options and impeccable customer service, the company ensures smooth operations to meet the demands of their growing customer base.

The company operates with a 100% stock model, ensuring that they have the necessary inventory to fulfill orders swiftly. They work with a network of suppliers to ensure a steady supply of products. Their quick shipping options allow for efficient delivery to customers both domestically and internationally.


The company utilizes a combination of marketing tactics to drive brand awareness and customer acquisition. Their marketing strategies include SEO implementation, Google AdWords, social media development, and PPC advertising. They also have partnerships with industry resellers, such as Home Depot and Lowes, which further enhance their reach and visibility in the market.

The company has recently secured strong sales pipeline partnerships with Lowes and Home Depot, with plans to expand onto Home Depot PRO in the near future. This expansion into major retailers sets the stage for significant sales channel growth. With the increasing brand awareness and the upcoming launch of an Amazon-based storefront, the company has ample opportunities for sales channel expansion.

Key metrics for this business include their average order value of $150-$400, order volumes of 50/day in the slow season and 100-150/day during the rest of the year, and their strong sales pipeline with Lowes and Home Depot. They measure success through the growth of their customer base, increased brand awareness, and consistent return on ad spend (ROAS).

The company serves a diverse customer base that includes both residential and commercial customers looking for effective drainage solutions. Their customer base is expected to grow through increased brand awareness, SEO tactics, and marketing efforts. The upcoming launch of an Amazon-based storefront also opens up opportunities to reach a wider pool of customers.


The company currently employs 1 order picker and packer. The owners are responsible for product purchasing, sales, staff management, order processing, and unloading incoming shipments. To minimize their workload, the addition of a warehouse manager and the implementation of an inventory management system are recommended.


The irrigation and drainage systems industry deals with providing solutions for effective water management in residential and commercial spaces. This industry is essential in maintaining landscapes, preventing flooding, and ensuring efficient water usage. Some examples of companies in this industry include Rain Bird Corporation, Netafim, and Toro Company. As awareness about water conservation grows, the demand for irrigation and drainage systems is expected to increase.


The current owners have laid a solid foundation for the company, leaving ample room for scale opportunities. Some potential areas for expansion include further SKU development, internal product creation, advanced marketing tactics, and industry relationship development. The company can also explore partnerships with landscaping companies, construction firms, architectural engineers, and civil engineers to tap into new markets.

Asking Price: $3,500,000
Gross Income: $2,372,101
Cash Flow: $745,795
Year Established: 2015
Employees: 1

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