State Reseller Certificate

Securing Your State Resale Certificate: Helping Entrepreneurs and Startups Get Started

This online B2B service helps new businesses and startups obtain State Reseller Certificates, with a simplified and state-specific offering. With current operations in Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida, the company generates substantial income and reinvests these funds in scalability and other startup-related services. Powered by a highly efficient system, the company operates with minimal overhead and generates significant revenue without requiring significant ownership participation. As a fully online service, it leverages powerful growth tactics like Google Advertising, SEO, and strategic initiatives while promoting itself on social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.


Operating with minimal overhead, this scalable business offers a streamlined and state-specific system to help new businesses and startups gain State Reseller Certificates. The business assures to complete all client requests within 7 days and charges a flat-rate for basic services and upsells for expedited certifications. The virtual manager employed by the company handles all processing requirements and answers customer complaints for smooth business operation.

Being a fully automated online service provider, the company operates with minimal overhead and unrivaled efficiency. It guarantees to complete all client requests within 7 days. This is usually accomplished within 48 hours, and for an extra fee, a guarantee of a 2-day turnaround time is offered. It charges a flat fee for its basic services and add-ons for expedited certifications, which maximizes cost-effectiveness.


The company relies on forceful growth tactics such as Google Advertising and SEO tactics to drive its growth. However, strategic initiatives like expanding their services to other states and promoting their brand on Facebook, LinkedIn, and popular business blogs are the potential untapped growth areas.

The company mainly uses Google Advertisements to reach out to their target audience. However, expanding on services offered and promoting brand awareness via social media advertising, thought leadership, and SEO strategies, is sure to help established businesses grow swiftly and steadily.

The company generates a lucrative income of $464,434 gross revenue and $151,900 cash flow. It enjoys an impressive Year Over Year Growth Rate of 120%, while the vast SKU growth potential provides significant scalability opportunities.

The customer base is new businesses and startups seeking to secure State Reseller Certificates with a simplified and state-specific system. Currently operating in Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida, the potential customer base is expanding to other states in the United States.


The current owner dedicates just 1-2 hours per week to this highly automated offering, with most of the operations, such as advertising oversight and VA management, handled remotely. The company employs one part-time Virtual Manager (VA) who dedicates 20 hours weekly to answer customers’ concerns and handle all processing requirements.


This company is in the reseller field specializing in helping new businesses and startups get their State Reseller Certificates. The online service market is a growing industry with a global market size of $106.4 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a 13.1% compound annual growth rate from 2021-2028. The industry industry includes established players such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Cloud.


There are vast scalability opportunities by adding new states to the platform, which can be more efficient by leveraging all the lessons learned. Additionally, adding to aid in other startup-related services like securing an EIN, standard documents based on the legal entity and connecting with a law firm is an excellent growth trajectory for the business.

Asking Price: $535,000
Gross Income: $464,434
Cash Flow: $151,900
Year Established: 2012
Employees: 1

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