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Smart Phone Charging Accessories Brand with Amazon Sales Channels

This eCommerce brand specializes in selling wireless chargers and charging docks for smartphones, tablets, smart devices, and video game controllers. With a global customer base and a wide range of products, the brand has been rapidly growing in the market.


The company operates through its own Shopify website as well as Amazon, allowing customers to easily purchase their products. They have a reliable supply chain with sourcing from manufacturers and suppliers in China, and utilize Amazon’s FBA services for order fulfillment.

The brand has a reliable supply chain with sourcing from manufacturers and suppliers in China. They have an inventory sourcing manager who negotiates with suppliers and ships samples for quality control. The company also utilizes Amazon’s FBA services for quick and efficient order fulfillment.


The brand employs effective marketing strategies, including PPC ads on Google to drive traffic to their website and social media accounts to generate organic traffic. They have a growing email database for regular email marketing campaigns, resulting in positive customer reviews and high customer satisfaction.

The company primarily sells its products through its own website (70% of sales) and Amazon (30% of sales). There is potential for growth by expanding sales to Amazon’s international sites and exploring new sales channels like TikTok and YouTube.

The key metrics for the company include sales revenue, average order value, customer lifetime value, and customer satisfaction. The brand has a strong reputation for quality products and great customer service.

The brand has a diverse customer base, with both men and women purchasing their products. Women make up 67% of sales, and the largest percentage of sales comes from customers between the ages of 34-44. The average customer lifetime value is $214.


The company is operated by the current owner, spending around 10-20 hours per week on tasks such as financial review, creating marketing materials, and supervising contract workers for marketing, customer service, and inventory management.


The smartphone accessories industry is highly profitable and diverse, catering to the needs and preferences of different consumers. This brand focuses on wireless chargers and charging docks, which are in high demand due to the increasing number of mobile devices in use globally. The industry includes other players like phone case manufacturers, headphone companies, and screen protector brands.


There are several scale opportunities for this brand. They can expand their product offerings to include more charging accessories or upgraded models. They can also enter the wholesale market by marketing their products to other businesses. Additionally, they can leverage social media platforms and PPC ads to increase brand visibility and reach.

Asking Price: $2,000,000
Gross Income: $1,255,751
Cash Flow: $522,561
Year Established: 2019
Employees: 1

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