person meditating while holding an energy tuner or fork

Sound Healing Alternative Medicine Brand with 22 Years of Success and Strong Year-Over-Year Growth

This eCommerce brand in the sound healing and alternative medicine niche specializes in working with ancient Solfeggio Frequencies, specifically energy tuners and forks, to clear energetic blocks and awaken humanity to their potential. They offer an abundant selection of training courses and have a fiercely loyal customer base.


Operations are uncomplicated, given the abundance of training material produced over the years, the systemized nature of the company, and an excellent supply chain. A buyer could transition seamlessly into an ownership role as the business thrives.

The business maintains all inventory but requires little warehouse space, given the size of its items. The majority of sales are made through the website, complemented by those made at expos and workshops, with some wholesale orders.


The brand has positioned itself as the gold standard in its niche and, as a result, obtains more and more new customers, despite being on the high end in terms of price point. They are leaders of a movement of awakeners, and their following is fiercely loyal and dedicated.

The majority of sales are made through the website and at expos and workshops, with some wholesale orders. The company has recently started working with influencers and is expected to see significant growth from focused social media campaigns across various platforms.

The business has a 27% repeat order rate and has seen strong year-over-year growth.

The driving demographic for the business is older females looking to serve the world and their fellow humans, but the customer base continues to increase and diversify.


The business has two employees and motivated management willing to provide assistance during the transition of ownership.


The sound healing and alternative medicine industry has seen healthy growth predictions for the future, with many people focusing on enhancing their quality of life through spiritual awakening and personal development. The brand’s products and services have led the way in changing the perspective of the entire industry, and it has a fiercely loyal and diverse customer base.


There are significant opportunities for scale, including the expansion of social media campaigns, international growth, and the addition of complementary product lines.

Asking Price: $1,260,000
Gross Income: $897,984
Cash Flow: $379,780
Year Established: 2000
Employees: 2

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