sustainable parchment sheets for cooking and baking

Thriving Parchment Sheet Business with Amazon FBA and Shopify: A Growing Brand with Positive Reviews

This eCommerce brand is a leader in the field of eco-friendly and flexible kitchenware, providing Unbleached, Exact-Fit Parchment Sheets for cooking and baking. With high online ratings and focus on environmentally conscious consumers, this business has experienced strong growth, seeing $500,000 in gross revenue in 2020. Sales are primarily on Amazon and Shopify with enormous potential for further expansion, such as through a wholesale brand or brick-and-mortar sales. With an easily expanded profit margin and growing demand for eco-friendly products, this company is ripe for scaling by a business-minded new owner.


The current owner manages with a single virtual assistant that works full-time, handling daily operations, supplier communications, inventory management, logistics, and new product research. The brand focuses on creating eco-friendly and sustainable kitchenware products, as well as minimizing the use of plastic in packaging to reduce environmental pollution.

Since the company’s main overhead cost is shipping, growing the wholesale brand could maximize profits. A third-party logistics company, such as Amazon FBA, could also reduce costs for direct-to-consumer shipping. The company has started to receive lucrative B2B wholesale orders, a promising growth opportunity, and could target restaurants, bakeries, and cafés to drive consistent wholesale purchasing.


This brand’s messaging targets environmentally conscious consumers, particularly a female demographic committed to purchasing eco-friendly consumer products. The company has 1,550+ email subscribers, 5,500+ organic Instagram followers, and 3,000+ followers on Facebook. The company could further improve traffic to their Shopify site through Google AdWords and PPC initiatives that could increase direct sales. This business is set up to sell internationally through Amazon Europe for further expansion into more countries.

The primary sales channels for this brand are Amazon and Shopify, with top placement in Amazon Europe. With an excellent seller rating and several SKUs ranked as #1 Best Seller, Amazon has served as a primary sales driver, representing 90% of current sales. Expanding sales into brick-and-mortar stores, such as Walmart and Target, provides a significant opportunity for growth.

Revenue in 2020 was $500,000, and the business has seen excellent online rankings across Amazon and Shopify, with a vast subscriber list and email database of past orders. Its Amazon storefront maintains a 4.9 average seller rating and several SKUs have been ranked as #1 Best Seller at various times. The company focuses on sustainability and environment-friendly practices, minimizing the use of plastic and designing all packaging in cardboard to reduce waste pollution.

This brand targets environmentally conscious consumers, particularly a female demographic, committed to purchasing eco-friendly consumer products. With a subscriber list of 1550+, additional email databases of past orders with over 8000+ qualified leads, and an organic social media following, the company has an established and growing customer base that is receptive to eco-friendly household products.


The current owner operates this business with a virtual assistant working full-time. With increasing company growth, the brand is gearing up to offer products through a subscription model to capitalize on both repeat customer rates and the growing profitability of ‘set it and forget it’ shopping practices. Future human resources will depend on the growth strategy deployed by the new owner.


This brand operates in the market of eco-friendly kitchenware items, providing unbleached, exact-fit parchment sheets coated with a layer of silicone to make it heat-and water-resistant with a nonstick quality, ideal for cooking and baking. The brand appeals to environmentally conscious consumers willing to pay a premium for sustainable and green household products. With the global market for green products set to increase, this eCommerce brand has enormous opportunities for growth, profitability and expansion.


The company can easily expand by taking any kitchen product and quickly creating a non-plastic, non-toxic, or eco-friendly version. Developing new products and expanding sales into brick-and-mortar stores, such as Walmart and Target, represents significant opportunities for growth. Targeting non-traditional buyers such as pharmaceutical and CBD oil companies, as well as other companies interested could also lead to growth.

Asking Price: $375,000
Gross Income: $501,185
Cash Flow: $75,010
Year Established: 2017
Employees: 2

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