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Unique Camping and Outdoor Gear Retailer with Accessories

This target is a Consumer Products Brand that offers Outdoor & Camping Gear direct to consumers, primarily via the Amazon.com platform. The company specializes in portable, inflatable relaxation gear – cushions, pillows, sleeping bags and more. Pitching to the broad and diverse outdoor recreational market, this company sells to a wide demographic, giving it exceptional reach in terms of market share. Thanks to a top-notch brand presentation, solid social presence and two brand-promoting landing pages (traffic is driven to Amazon), this Internet Retailer has realized year over year growth since inception on average tickets around $30 with high outstanding profit margin at 26% and less than 1% in OPEX.


All inventory is shipped directly from the suppliers in China to Amazon in the United States – Hence providing the owner an easy logistical setup. Selling on Amazon and fulfilling entirely through Amazon FBA, this is a well- positioned brand with all the boxes checked that savvy Amazon entrepreneurs are looking for in 2020. With an average monthly visitor level of 45,000 via Amazon marketing services alone, this retailer has yet to invest in any kind of comprehensive SEO, advertising, or social media marketing do date. This business is feature-complete with an email database of over 75,000 opted in contacts, leaving the door open for numerous outbound marketing efforts at minimal expense and effort.

All inventory is shipped directly from suppliers in China to Amazon in the United States, making the logistical setup easy for the owner. The business operates through Amazon FBA for order fulfillment.


This business has a strong presence on the Amazon.com platform, leveraging its brand presentation and social media presence to attract customers. With an average monthly visitor level of 45,000, the focus so far has been maintaining growth through Amazon marketing services and email marketing to the existing customer database. This business has not invested in comprehensive SEO, advertising, or social media marketing to date.

The primary sales channel for this business is Amazon.com. The business has experienced steady year-over-year growth since its inception. Expansion into new categories and product lines is a potential avenue for future growth.

The key metrics for this business include average ticket size of $30, a profit margin of 26%, and operating expenses at less than 1% of revenue. The business has realized year-over-year growth since its inception.

The customer base for this business is broad and diverse, targeting outdoor enthusiasts and recreational campers. The business has a strong online presence and reaches a wide demographic through its marketing efforts.


The business currently operates with one employee.


The camping and outdoor gear industry is a lucrative market. People who enjoy outdoor recreational activities such as camping, hiking, and fishing are the target customers for this business. With its wide range of camping gear and accessories, the business is able to attract customers from a diverse demographic. Examples of other companies in this industry include REI and The North Face.


This business has opportunities for scale through expanding its product line in categories such as sleeping pads and cold-weather gear. With solid vendor relationships and a large customer database, transitioning into new product categories is a smooth process. Other scale opportunities include investing in comprehensive SEO, advertising, and social media marketing.

Asking Price: $1,800,000
Gross Income: $2,379,642
Cash Flow: $652,766
Year Established: 2015
Employees: 1

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