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Unlock Success in the Freight Education and Training Industry with an Online Subscription-Based Company

This 13-year old internet company operates in the logistics, trucking and freight brokerage industry. It has two unique business models, one is an online logistics load matching portal that helps connect freight carriers and their customers, and the other is an online training course portfolio for those interested in the freight brokerage industry. The company generates 75% of its revenue from subscription fees for the load matching websites and the remaining 25% from the online education program. The company has enjoyed consistent Year-over-Year growth through organic traffic and has limitless growth potential. The three-person team is engaged in SEO, social media marketing, and blogging for added value.


This business requires minimal overhead and has been designed to be low-maintenance. The focus for revenue generation is through subscription fees collected for their load matching platform and online education program. They have maintained consistent growth by focusing on SEO, blogging, and social media marketing.

The company is fully featured with a low overhead platform requiring minimal time investment. Its online structure creates minimal lag time between formulating proposals and delivering them, creating a seamless customer experience.


Marketing focuses on SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing. The company’s customer service representatives engage across all channels, including social, to drive traffic to their sites for higher conversions.

The revenue for this company is driven by its subscription services and organic traffic. With a heavy focus on SEO and customer-driven acquisition, growth potential is infinite.

The company generates 75% of its revenue from subscription fees for the load matching websites and the remaining 25% from the online education program. It has enjoyed consistent Year-over-Year growth with a focus on increasing organic website traffic.

The customer base for this company is in the logistics industry and includes freight carriers, clients, and individuals interested in the freight broker industry.


The company has a small team of three employees who manage the daily operations and are engaged in digital marketing efforts. The small team is capable of handling the volume of customers and subscribers without overtaxing the company’s resources. The education program is also self-sufficient and doesn’t require much staff intervention.


The logistics industry has seen a rise in demand due to the increase in online shopping as well as the influx of new vendors in high-density business areas. The need for transportation and supply chain education has grown in this rapidly growing industry. Examples of companies in this industry include TQL, Echo Global Logistics, and Arrive Logistics.


The earning potential for this online business could quadruple with a more in-depth focus on the education program. Other areas of growth include expanding the subscription base, implementing more robust SEO strategies, and partnering with larger logistics companies. Another potential vertical growth avenue would be by partnering with remote freight brokers.

Asking Price: $1,050,000
Gross Income: $281,500
Cash Flow: $231,400
Year Established: 2004
Employees: 3

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