person waxing their nose using the nose waxing kit

Unlock Your Money-Making Potential with an Established Global Amazon FBA Brand in the Health & Wellness Vertical!

This business specializes in nasal waxing kits used to remove unwanted nose hairs. It sources products from China, maintains inventory, and sells all products on Amazon and Shopify. With a simple yet effective marketing strategy, the brand aims to create the most distinctive Amazon ads for nasal waxing. The current best-selling product is the nose waxing kit, with two new waxing kits and new accessories in production. The owner endures a light workload with assistance from a sourcing agent. Additional staff is unnecessary but SEO is performed by a contractor. The owner is willing to work with the buyer to ensure continued success.


The business sources all products from China alongside a sourcing agent that assists in manufacturing and kitting the products. All products, including accessories, are manufactured to specification, with company branding. The business uses a 100% stock inventory model and generally has around $180,000 in stock. In the US, five months’ worth of inventory stock is stored at a re-kitting warehouse that ships to Amazon. It stores an average of 17 pallets, charging only $10 per pallet per month. All merchandises meant for Europe, and other Amazon FBA marketplaces, are sent directly to Amazon, while in China, stock levels depend on the production stage. Orders are placed two to three times annually.

All products are sourced from China through a sourcing agent, with the help of a direct relationship with several other suppliers. The plastic components are bespoke, using custom molds. All products in the US are fulfilled by Amazon using an API connection. Inventory levels depend on the manufacturing stage and are stored in the US and shipped to Amazon, with all merchandise sent directly to Amazon facilities in Europe.


The aim of the marketing strategy is to create the most distinctive and effective ads on Amazon for nasal waxing. The brand leverages creative video and HSA ads and is currently testing monthly deals and lowering advertising spend during the deal duration. Sales are robust throughout the year, with peaks in summer.

The brand sells all products on Amazon and Shopify, excluding Japan and India. Sales have grown significantly in Japan and India since listing in those marketplaces.

The average order value is $17.50, with further products set to launch in four months. The best-selling product is the nose waxing kit, with two new waxing kits and new accessories currently in production.

The business has notable sales throughout the year, with peaks in summer, a period where people tend to go out more frequently and want to look presentable.


No personnel are required for this business; only SEO is done by an external contractor that has proven worthwhile.


The hair removal wax and kits market have aggressively grown due to shifting beauty notions globally. Recently, it has dominated the cosmetics and personal care sectors. People are increasingly self-aware of physical appearance and opt to remove unwanted hair for cultural, social, aesthetic and medicinal reasons. Men and women worldwide are particular about their looks, which increases the demand for their waxing kits.


With vast potential in retails and social media, this business’s logistics is incredibly efficient and has low maintenance. The branding and marketplace presence can be leveraged to realize substantial untapped values, offering enormous opportunities. The right buyer with a good copywriter to maintain the brand’s distinct voice can leverage to continue dominating the niche.

Asking Price: $2,300,000
Gross Income: $2,022,312
Cash Flow: $527,869
Year Established: 2017
Employees: 1

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