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Unlock Your Pet’s Potential with an Amazon Storefront

The online pet store operates on Amazon storefront and specializes in pet supplies, particularly in the travel niche. It has become a dominant player in the said market. The business has been SBA approved, and with this approval, it was recognized as a strong company in the Amazon space.


The business has a streamlined operation process, which primarily focuses on digital sales processing. This enables the business to provide better service to its customers, with a fast and efficient delivery process. It also helps maintain a healthy inventory without wasted expenses.

The business maintains a healthy inventory through its streamlined operation process. The business can provide fast delivery to its customers without wasting expenses from overstocked inventory. The business also frequently replenishes its inventory from trusted suppliers.


The business utilizes Amazon’s advertising tools to market pet supplies towards pet owners, particularly pet owners who travel frequently.

The business’s main sales channel is through Amazon storefront. The business can grow by expanding to other marketplaces like Walmart, Chewy, and other eCommerce stores. The business can also grow by expanding its product lines to cater to more pet owners.

The business’s key metrics include gross income, cash flow, and year established.

The business caters to pet owners, particularly pet owners who frequently travel with their pets. The customer base includes individuals, families, and groups that frequently travel with their pets.


The business operates with a small team of four employees, who are trained in providing customer support through digital channels.


The pet industry has been growing rapidly during the pandemic, with people adopting more pets than ever before. The industry includes companies that offer pet supplies, grooming services, training, and boarding services. The industry has many players, from small local businesses to large corporations like Petco and Amazon.


The business has the opportunity to expand and scale by expanding its product lines, tapping into new markets, and partnering with trusted suppliers. For instance, the business can expand to the veterinary sector by providing supplies for veterinarians.

Asking Price: $1,800,000
Gross Income: $3,000,000
Cash Flow: $525,000
Year Established: 2007
Employees: 4

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