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Unstoppable Ecommerce Pet Matching Company: Incredible 20% Repeat Customer Rate, Stock Up To $250,000

This family-owned business matches happy, healthy puppies with loving families across the US. They have a unique background, starting with a local retail shop, but eCommerce quickly changed the rules for them and now plays a significant role in their overall success, giving this company the ability to reach a significantly wider customer base.


The booming eCommerce site has enabled the brand to significantly diversify the services they offer while opening doors to some tremendous future growth opportunities such as the creation of a branded online store for pet supplies.

Before any breeder is chosen to be contracted with, this business ensures that they are providing the best possible care for their puppies, and breeding them both ethically and sustainably.


The company has a massive 400+ customer contacts a day, and repeat customers now make up 20% of their sales. The brand also benefits from fantastic online reviews, both for the puppies they sell, and their devotion to customer care. With an email database of 60,000 subscribers, the company has experienced similar success with their email marketing campaigns while PPC ads on social media sites through Google Search Network and videos about their puppies posted on their YouTube channel drive sales as well.

The company has an eCommerce site, social media marketing program, email marketing, and PPC ads. They have 4,340+ followers on Facebook and 1,770+ on Instagram, which helps drive more organic traffic to the site.

The company has an average order value of $9,000, and stocks up to $250,000 worth of available puppies.

The company matches happy and healthy puppies with loving families across the US. The emotional attachment of the customers with pets makes it a high revenue, evergreen industry.


The current owner spends about 5 hours per week running it, mainly by overseeing financials and strategizing for future growth opportunities, while the owner’s employees handle daily operations at their main store and contractors oversee SEO and website maintenance.


Retail sales of pet products and services hit $107 billion in 2020, up 9% over 2019, and consumers spent $42 billion on pet food and $31 billion in veterinary care last year.


The brand could leverage additional growth by opening new retail shops in strategic locations while making their flagship store available to franchisees. The use of enhanced video marketing on YouTube and TikTok would drive additional traffic to the site, and so would an aggressive new email marketing campaign and the creative use of PPC ads on Google.

Asking Price: $11,950,000
Gross Income: $6,491,170
Cash Flow: $4,003,370
Year Established: 2014
Employees: 20

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