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Women’s Beauty and Personal Care Brand Retailing Opportunity

This eCommerce business offers a variety of beauty and personal care products targeted at women, with a focus on simple self-care. It started with a personal foot care product and expanded to similar products. The business has accomplished remarkable marketing achievements which include being shown first on a Google search, and securing a major TV channel presence.


The Company primarily sells eight different products under three niches: hair, pedicure and manicure, skincare and personal care. The firm has recently completed scaling of its product line-up and it is yet to add some of the products that other similar brands carry. It operates on Amazon US and EU and sells its products on eBay.com and Walmart. The company uses Amazon FBA to fulfill its orders and operates a minimal warehouse fulfill orders in cases where direct shipment is more feasible than using FBA.

The Company operates with little warehouse storage, providing it with enough flexibility from both operational and scaling perspectives. There are significant opportunities to scale since very little paid advertising or SEO has been implemented so far, and the range of product lines available from pre-established suppliers are adequate to expand rapidly. Therefore, this is a productive opportunity for any potential buyer.


The beauty business features extraordinary marketing efforts promoting its brand and marketing infrastructure through social media, TV shows, radio and YouTube. The callus removers were even aired on national TV channels and worked with social media influencer Dominique Sachse who has over 500k+ subscribers on their YouTube channel. They have a professional Shopify website and very low overheads to reach a wider audience ranging from Walmart.com and eBay.com.

The beauty and personal care industry, coupled with the Company’s marketing efforts, provides abundant growth potential. Since paid advertising or SEO hasn’t been exploited yet, there’s plenty of room to expand the range of product options and marketing plans.The sales channel for this business comes from a consistent flow of monthly retainers that are paid by clients. The platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate for individuals and businesses alike. Growing the brand’s visibility organically has been an ongoing process as well, with a focus on increased organic traffic and positive customer feedback.

The top two selling products have recorded a Below 10,000 ranking on Amazon in 2 years; this brand netted 121% of YOY growth. Two new products related to the company’s existing products are currently in the process of development and are expected to provide 10% growth in revenue or profits.

The Company caters primarily to women interested in products focused on personal care and grooming. Data from Amazon shows that they generate traffic with a ticket average of $16 per customer.


The business is a straightforward eCommerce business, thus the human resource requirement is minimal. The company operates with two employees.


The company carries a variety of health and personal care products for women shoppers. Popular brands such as Clinique, Avon Products and Estee Lauder Companies Inc. are comparable businesses in this industry.


The brand has just begun to expand its product offerings–there’s potential to add other products to their assortment, thus providing the acquirer with an opportunity for immediate growth. Paid advertising and SEO have yet to be fully implemented. The brand utilizes Walmart, eBay and Amazon to reach more consumers. Social media efforts are also an area to be explored further.

Asking Price: $895,000
Gross Income: $1,006,913
Cash Flow: $274,310
Year Established: 2014
Employees: 2

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