necklace with a trendy urban-inspired jewelry

Women’s Jewelry Ecommerce Brand with 30% EBITDA Margin Ready to Expand into Amazon and Etsy

This eCommerce women’s jewelry retailer offers urban-inspired, high quality jewelry pieces with a focus on necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and anklets. With over 150 SKUs and an impressive EBITDA margin of 30%+, the company has experienced strong growth through social media marketing and has garnered a following of over 16,800 on Instagram. The business operates primarily through its branded website, but is ready to expand into selling platforms such as Amazon and Etsy. There are also opportunities for growth in wholesale options, brick-and-mortar retail stores, and partnerships with other vendors in the industry.


The business operates through a hybrid inventory model that requires minimal overhead investment and can be run from anywhere. Social media marketing, particularly on Facebook and Instagram, has been highly successful with a 3X return on ad spend. The business also has built an expansive email list and sales database to support the sales funnel. The current owner invests an estimated 2-4 hours per week to oversee the virtual assistant, track orders, develop product designs, and source new products.

The company employs a hybrid inventory model that minimizes overhead investment and allows for flexibility in sourcing and fulfillment. The business can be run from anywhere and doesn’t require a physical store or warehouse. With additional growth, there may be opportunities to optimize supply chain and logistics operations.


The business has achieved strong marketing success through social media platforms, particularly Facebook and Instagram. They have a follower base of over 16,800 on Instagram with only 204 posts. There are additional marketing opportunities on platforms like TikTok and Pinterest, as well as potential influencer partnerships.

The current sales channel primarily operates through the company’s branded website. However, there is potential for significant growth by expanding to additional selling platforms such as Amazon and Etsy. This expansion would tap into a wider customer base and increase sales opportunities.

Key metrics for this business include average order value (AOV), which currently stands at $206, and an impressive EBITDA margin of 30%+. These metrics showcase the business’ strong profitability and success in generating revenue.

The business has built a strong and engaged customer base through social media marketing and an expansive email list. Their target customers are women interested in urban-inspired, high quality jewelry pieces. The business can further expand its customer base through expansion to other selling platforms and by targeting new customer segments.


The current owner invests 2-4 hours per week to oversee the virtual assistant and other aspects of the business. An additional virtual assistant could further reduce time investment, and the existing virtual assistant is willing to stay with the company during the transition.


The women’s jewelry industry is a highly competitive and rapidly growing market. The demand for unique, high-quality jewelry pieces is driven by consumer preferences for self-expression and personal style. Examples of successful companies in this industry include Mejuri and BaubleBar, which have established themselves as popular online jewelry brands known for their trendy and affordable offerings.


There are significant scale opportunities for this business. Examples include expanding to brick-and-mortar retail stores, increasing wholesale options, and establishing partnerships with other vendors in the industry. Additionally, developing new SKUs, particularly patented necklace designs, could drive further sales growth.

Asking Price: $499,000
Gross Income: $585,590
Cash Flow: $163,291
Year Established: 2019
Employees: 2

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