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Aging Board Game Brand with 4 In-house Labels and Amazon/Shopify Presence

Website Closers presents an incredibly lucrative, super high quality consumer product company that spans multiple high-demand verticals with a focus on Classic, International, and Traditional Board Games. With 4 in-house brands under management, this offering contains a Premier North American name in Board Games; the single North American vendor of classic Chinese Hardware for Furniture Restoration, Architectural, and Interior Design projects; elegant European-Style Wood-Crafted Chess Sets, and unique Homes Storage Goods.


Carrying such versatile and unique offerings allows this business to drive revenue and growth over their more than 16 years in business. As a strategically designed business, this company has strong vendor connections that allow for seamless and swift SKU expansion as well as enviable terms.

This online business utilizes both their own Shanghai storage facility and Amazon FBA for all their shipping requirements. These brands sell through their own branded websites as well as eBay. Opportunities for supply and logistics improvement include channel development, improved social media awareness, and in-house game creation.


This business generates strong, scalable traffic and conversions through varied campaigns on and their branded Shopify Websites. These practices could be strengthened significantly by the addition of social media marketing, influencer marketing, community building, and thought leadership.

There are immediate opportunities lined up for scale with 60+ new SKUs in the pipeline. Additional growth can be achieved through further channel development, improved social media awareness, in-house game creation, and influencer marketing. Examples of potential growth channels include Walmart, Target, and specialty game stores.

Each of their brands deliver their own average order value with the highest being $67.29 and the lowest at $46.77, bringing in higher than average AOVs. This company already stands at the top of each of its industries with extremely low SKU concentration.

This business has a diverse customer base that includes board game enthusiasts, collectors, interior designers, and people interested in furniture restoration. They have a strong reputation for quality and variety, attracting customers who value unique and high-quality products in the board games space.


This company has 20 employees coordinated and managed by the two current owners, including professionals in warehouse management, purchasing, bookkeeping, logistics, design, IT, customer service, and more. Opportunities for human resources improvement include hiring an HR Manager and R&D Specialist.


This consumer product company operates in the board games industry, offering a wide range of classic, international, and traditional board games. With their 16 years of experience and 4 in-house brands, they have established themselves as a leader in the market. Examples of their products include classic Chinese hardware for furniture restoration, elegant European-style wood-crafted chess sets, and unique home storage goods.


This business offers scale opportunities through the addition of new SKUs, further channel development, improved social media marketing, in-house game creation, influencer marketing, community building, and thought leadership. Examples of scale opportunities in the board games industry include launching new board games, partnering with popular influencers, and expanding into international markets.

Asking Price: $9,100,000
Gross Income: $10,834,309
Cash Flow: $1,686,784
Year Established: 2004
Employees: 20

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