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Resort Wear for Women: Organic Luxury Clothing Brand with Online and Offline Sales Channels Globally

Organic Luxury Clothing Brand is a well-established company in the niche field of resort wear for women. It offers a line of 60 SKUs made from ultra-fine organic cotton and specialty fabrics. The brand has seen significant growth in online sales and has established important sales relationships with boutique retailers and luxury discount eTailers in the U.S. and Europe. The brand has become known for its high-quality products that can be worn while on vacation or at upscale events. With opportunities for expansion through new marketing strategies and product line expansion, this company is positioned for further success.


The company operates primarily through its Shopify website, but also sells through select eTailers and boutique retailers. Sales tend to peak in spring and summer when the weather is warm and during the holiday travel season. The brand stocks and fulfills orders for both eCommerce and wholesale. Marketing efforts include email marketing and organic social media engagement. The company has a small team managing production, wholesale fulfillment, and customer service.

The brand manages stock and fulfillment for both eCommerce and wholesale. The company has an 800-square-foot warehouse and typically stocks up to $325,000 worth of inventory during high season. Inventory orders are placed quarterly.


The brand’s marketing efforts primarily rely on email marketing, organic social media engagement, and word of mouth. The company has a growing email database and a significant following on Facebook and Instagram. There is potential to expand marketing efforts by implementing SEO strategies and targeted campaigns for profitable categories like brides and moms-to-be.

The company currently sells primarily through its Shopify website, boutique retailers, and luxury discount eTailers. There is potential for growth by expanding sales onto popular eCommerce sites like Amazon and reaching a wider audience through digital marketing efforts. Additionally, expanding wholesale distribution channels and targeting specific categories like brides and moms-to-be can further drive sales growth.

The company has achieved robust sales, with an average order value of $350. The customer base exceeds 5,000+ and is primarily composed of higher-income women between the ages of 30-50. Sales are made both online and through boutique retailers, with international sales representing about 55% of total sales. The brand has potential for further growth through expanding sales channels, increasing marketing efforts, and expanding its product assortment.

The brand has a loyal customer base that exceeds 5,000+ customers. The customer base is primarily composed of higher-income women between the ages of 30-50. Six percent of the brand’s customers have spent more than $1,000 on their products, demonstrating a strong customer loyalty and potential for upselling.


The company is run by the current owners, who dedicate an average of 20 hours per week to the business. They handle customer management, billing, invoicing, and order management. There are also two employees, one full-time worker managing production and wholesale fulfillment, and one freelancer managing customer service.


The resort wear industry focuses on clothing that can be worn while on vacation or at upscale events. It is a highly profitable industry, with millions of consumers indulging in shopping sprees before and during their vacations. Organic Luxury Clothing Brand has established itself as a go-to brand within the resort wear industry. Resort wear has recently gained popularity in high fashion and is becoming more versatile and wearable outside of resort settings. Examples of resort wear include flowy dresses, lounge pieces, and essential intimates.


There are multiple scale opportunities for Organic Luxury Clothing Brand. The company can expand its product assortment to include new and more specialized items. They can also increase sales by expanding onto popular eCommerce platforms like Amazon and utilizing SEO strategies. Furthermore, the brand can continue to develop its wholesale distribution channels and target specific customer segments for growth.

Asking Price: $1,850,000
Gross Income: $823,105
Cash Flow: $443,812
Year Established: 2006
Employees: 4

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